Needle Jets to fit original Amal 10RN (Remote Needle) carburettors - various sizes (Each)

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These are needle jets to fit original Amal RN (Remote Needle) competition carburettors.  They are available in 107, 109,113 and 120 (methanol) sizes. Note: these are not the same as TT needle jets (unlike main jets which are interchangeable with TT main jets).  

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Update Dec 2022: New batch now back in stock


RN Pilot Jets - Background and Manufacture:

Note: just like many parts on the Amal RN (Remote Needle) racing carburettor - the pilot jets are specific to this carburettor, and are unlike the longer pilot jets fitted to Amal TT and other carburettors.  Because of the comparitive rarity of this particular carburettor type, it is not unusual when buying an RN carb (i.e. at an autojumble or online) - to find that the pilot jet is either missing, or might look like a modified 'TT' pilot jet.  (if you are unsure if the pilot jet fitted to your original RN carburettor is correct - you can contact us on and we will try and help you confirm if it is correct). 

Note:  the Jet Body - that holds the Pilot Jet at the top and the Main Jet at the bottom is the same as the TT carburettor, and takes the same Main jets . . . therefore it is not unheard of for a previous owner to have 'made up' an incomplete RN carburettor, by fitting the whole jet holder assembly from a more common TT carburettor!

The jets we offer here have been CNC manufactured - and have replicated all the key dimensions of the original Amal RN dimensions - as you will see from one of the photographs - as templates we have 'New Old Stock' original (1940's) Amal RN jets - which were still in their original wrappings - for all the 4 sizes originally offered - 107,109,113, 120.  All jets replicate the internal bore dimensions, jet size and height of original jets.  Each are stamped with the jet size on their hex for easy identification.

Fitting Sizes:  It is difficult to be definitive about the correct Pilot Jet size for any particular engine, but if you are unsure what pilot jet would have normally been fitted for your engine, we can give you original information for some models (including makes other than Norton) as a guide - however, it is often prudent to have jets in more than one size, and go through the original Amal tuning instructions for setting up your carb (this is included as part of the Amal competition carb facsimile we offer in the main carb section).

As a rough guide - it was more normal for either 107 or 109 jet sizes to be fitted to 350cc engines and 109 or 113 jets to be more commonly fitted to 500cc engines.  120 jets are also available - which are the largest bore size - these were normally reserved for engines running on alchohol or methanol fuel.

December 2022:  Now back in stock again - all sizes!


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