TT (and RN) Float Chamber Needle (For Type 14 Float Chamber)

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Float Chamber needle to fit Amal TT Type 14 float chambers 

These float chamber needles are of the type fitted to the alloy Amal TT float chambers of the 1940's and 1950's, the float needle for this type of float chamber is identifiable by the conical section at the bottom of the needle - which is a wider diameter than the earlier Type 276/pre-war TT float chamber needle (which we also sell - Item 0613).

In the second photograph you will see I have photographed the float needle alongside two original Amal TT Type 14 Float Chambers.  If you are not sure if the float chamber you have is this type of float chamber - the easiest way of identifying it is to look at the main hex union at the base of the float chamber - this is much larger than the 276/early Amal TT floatchamber with a larger centre hole for fuel delivery - hence why it requires a float needle with a larger base diameter.

It is not unusual for the original brass needles to get worn, resulting in a groove around the conical area - which can affect smooth running and sometimes cause flooding - hence why fitting a replacement will often restore performance to original spec

Note: This float needle is of exactly the same dimensions as the original needle, which was designed for the original copper float design, as shown in the second photograph.  If you do not have the copper float and intend to fit a modern plastic type float replacement, it will be necessary to add a second groove on the needle - please email us for details if you are intending to do this:, we may be able to supply them.

A final point on float chambers to fit Amal TT and RN carburettors, and those fitted to Norton SOHC motorcycles:  the TT carburettor had a variety of float chambers available - in the second photographs is a 'Remote' type, with mounting bracket to the frame and also a fixed height float chamber, on the right.  The fixed chamber had the advantage that providing you had the correct type fitted - it would automatically set the fuel at the correct height. However, the remote float chamber had the benefit that it did allow some adjustment of height - I used to prefer the remote type for short circuit racing using methanol, and set the height so that if on level ground the bike was tipped (approximately) 15 degrees off centre towards the engine timing side, then fuel would dribble from the bottom of the air slide casting.  However - if dribbling when the bike is upright . . . it is flooding!

If intending to use a 'fixed' type float chamber - the correct type for SOHC Nortons are 'Left mounting' 15 degree offset float chambers - if you are not sure what yours is - look underneath, there should be a number stamped on it - 0 / 7 / 15 etc, indicating the degrees off upright.  The fixed type in the second photograph is a 15 degree offset TT float chamber - but is actually a 'Right mounting' type - i.e. the float chamber sits on the right of the carburettor body, and is actually intended for my Vincent Grey Flash, not a Norton!  Not surprisingly, the 15 degree Left Mounting type are probably the rarest to find - bad luck for us!

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