TT/RN Jet Holder

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- High quality cadmium plated brass main/pilot jet holder to fit both original Amal TT and RN competition carburetters - Nicely finished with clean crisp machining.

These jet holder blocks are (CNC) machined to the same dimensions to the original Amal TT and RN jet body and are excellent quality, with a nice satin nickel plate finish - just like the original items, which are so often chewed by errant spanners.  Fitted with our lockwired bottom nuts (Item 0151) and new red fibre washers, they totally transform the look of your original carburettor, and allow for proper tightening of this important component, to prevent leaking and air escape.

Fitment:  This jet block holds the pilot jet in the topmost part and the main jet in the bottom part, before screwing on the bottom nut.  It also retains the floatchamber or (remote) floatchamber banjo - therefore it is important for this component to be in good condition and be fitted with good quality washers (which we also offer in the same section).  Original items often get chewed and make jet changing or tightening of the float chamber difficult - these have excellent crisp hex's with the correct Whit spanner sizes as original and make those tasks much easier and more efficient

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