TT Throttle Cable Adjuster And Locknut (later generic type)

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- This is the throttle cable adjuster and locknut as fitte d to many later roadgoing Amal carbs, however the thread size is 7/32 x 40tpi, and if fitting to a later Amal TT carb - you should check what thread type (if any) is already fitted - as some later Amal TT caps had different threads (or no threads at all, in which case a cable cap is often fitted - or the adjuster is stopped in place by the locknut on the adjuster alone).

Note - these are modern type adjusters from a UK manufacturer and will fit both Amal TT carbs as well as Monoblock/Concentric models.  They are high quality, but if fitting to replace the original early Amal TT/RN type threaded adjusters on original carb tops - they are slightly  slimmer diameter, so will require a small washer under the locknut, so as to give full purchase for the cable . 

Note also - if you have an earlier Amal TT or RN fitted with a brass top cap - these were normally fitted with a distinctive knurled top cable adjuster - particular for that model (normally 1930's to early 1950's TT/RN carbs) - we also manufacture that earlier and wider type of adjuster - See our Item 0874

These also fit the Amal TT type top alloy chamber tops (Item 0138) we manufacture - if you have previously bought one of these tops, which are threaded for this type of adjuster.

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