10TT Throttle Slide To Fit Original Amal TT Carbs (Various cutaways and LH/RH options) - Each

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High quality Throttle Slides to fit original Amal 10TT Carburettors in a selection of cutaways - both LH (normal) and RH Sided types available.  Manufactured to a high standard in UK

Price is Each. 

Background on 'Sided' TT slides: if your Amal TT carburettor is the more 'usual' type (i.e. as fitted to all Norton SOHC models) then the air choke casting will be on the right side of the carb body (i.e. visible from the Timing side of the bike) - this type has a 'LH' sided throttle slide fitted (this may sound counter-intuitive, but the LH refers to the side the 'notch' on the slide is positioned, in relation to the cutaway).

We offer this LH (normal) type slide in the following Cutaway Numbers:  No4, No5, No6 and No7.

We also offer the less common 'RH' slide (i.e. the TT carb body will have the air choke slide casting on the left side) in the following Cutaway Numbers:  No5 and No

This less common RH slide type original Amal carb was often fitted where twin TT carbs were fitted, or if the inlet tract was pointing more towards the left/drive side of the engine.

We can supply specific information on which throttle slides were fitted to which Norton SOHC models by year and model type on request - email  We can also provide details on some other makes on request


Manufacturing Background for these slides:

These slides are manufactured in the UK to a very high standard of finish - and the manufacturing process has been well proven over a period of many years.  A special (and expensive) grade of Riveting/Naval brass is used for the slide wall- which does not split when the 'notch' is pressed into them.  The slide wall and the top piece are CNC machined seperately to a close tolerance, then the two pieces are silver soldered together on a jig, before going back for final CNC machining and milling.

Finally, the fully machined slides go for grinding - to ensure the walls are true to a close tolerance (this process may be considered unnecessary with modern CNC machining - but is an additional quality factor for these slides).  As a last step - the brass slides are given a very thin coat of nickel plating (only a few microns thick), which like the original period slides - was just to stop the brass walls from oxidising (and note, although the slides look shiny - this is nickel plating, which dulls off with time, as per the original period Amal slides.  However, in the modern world - the original 'dull nickel' plating is no longer easily available, we are told it is now considered eco-unfriendly!).   

Before packing, each batch of slides have their ground outer diameters checked (and we always test one slide of the batch after grinding in an original Amal brass bodied 10TT/RN body with no wear, to ensure each slide has full and smooth movelment, which we keep for this purpose), as well as testing the inside fit of each slide on an original Amal TT/RN choke block - to ensure it fully bottoms correctly, and slides cleanly, before final cleaning and packing.  Slides are supplied in their own stout cardboard box, to protect them in storage and when posted.  

Remote Needle Throttle Slide Variants:

Finally - if you have an original Amal RN (Remote Needle) carburettor, as originally fitted to most pre-Featherbed M30/M40 and Manx models - we are now able to offer the distinctive 'remote needle' needle type throttle valve for these as well - see Item 0962 in this section of the RN Parts section

Update November 2021: Despite a recent huge increase in the cost of brass material costs (i.e. post Covid) and complexity of manufacture - we have tried to keep pricing of the latest batch of slides as competative as we can - and all slide variants are now back in stock

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