10TT Throttle Slide (and RN Throttle Slide - see detail)

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High quality throttle slide to fit original Amal 10TT Carburetter

These slides are identical to original throttle slides and available in a variety of slide cutaways. No. 5 and No. 7 LH slide sizes kept in stock (most common sizes for 500cc International and SOHC Manx Nortons). - No 4 slide also in stock, as fitted to early Model 40 350cc Internationals. - Other common sizes are normally available as well, please email us at sales@racingvincent.co.uk for details.

Slide Number and LH/RH Type Information for TT and RN Carburettors

It is important to note, that as well as the slide cutaway size (which is normally stamped on the top of the slide on original Amal slides), Amal TT throttle slides are also 'sided' - they have notch pressed into the slide on the inside, which will match up with the carburettor type it is intended for.  If you have a TT carburettor with the choke slide cast on the right hand side of carb body, then it takes a LH type slide (this is the more common type of TT carburettor and is the type fitted to Norton International and early Manx Models.  However, less common was a TT carb with the choke mechanism cast on left side of the body (i.e. requiring a 'RH' throttle slide).  This less common Amal carb (with choke on left hand side) was sometimes fitted to British twins - on the left side, if two carbs were fitted, or occasionally on bikes with left handed ports like some racing Vincent's (although they also seem to have had TT's fitted with more normal right handed chokes).

When ordering from us - unless you say different, we will assume you require the 'normal' LH type slide, which would be fitted to the Amal TTRN carbs with the choke mechanism on the right hand side (timing side) - as per Norton SOHC motorcycles.

These CNC manufactured slides are made from a very high specification of brass (bought in specially, of a grade that does not split).  They go through multiple machining operations before being final ground and then plated.  

September 2020 Update:  We have been out of stock of these slides for some time, but are now in the process of having a new batch manufactured, which should be available approximately Dec 2020.  Please place an order here if you wish to reserve one and let us know what slide number you require in the comments section.

RN Throttle Slide - if you have an Amal Remote Needle carburettor with a worn throttle slide (as most now seem to have!), you will know that the throttle slide for this carburettor type is similar to the TT slide, but has the addition of a brass milled side piece, that holds the needle (to one side of the slide).  This type of slide has been unavailable for many years.  As part of the current batch we are having manufactured we hope also to be able to supply this variant with a side piece as per the original design.  

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