Mixing Chamber Cap Ring to fit original Amal 10TT Carbs (chromed brass) - Each

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These are lovely quality chromed chamber cap to fit all original 10TT Amal Carburetters, CNC manufactured to the original design, with lovely crisp grooving (important not just for grip - but because many TT carbs use the later type design bellmouth spring (our item 0139) which uses this grooving to stop the top ring rotating.

These are CNC manufactured for us in the UK from brass, and then polished and chromed to a high finish (also in the UK - by a company specialising in classic vehicle plating and polishing).  Note also that as part of the manufacturing process for these caps - the ring grooves are not knurled, but are individually grooved on a CNC mill, to ensure a crisp and accurate finish - which knurling would not achieve (and explains why not a cheap part to manufacture).  Some owners of early original Amal racing carbs will know that original knurling is often damaged and worn - resulting in the cap being difficult to remove.

The type shown here is the type originally fitted to post-war TT carburettors, where the ring was secured using the retainer spring shown below (4/307) - and we also sell the similar quality inner cap that fits this ring - Item 0138.

Some pre-war TT carburettors used a slightly different design of chrome ring and inner cap - where the cap had a captive ball and square headed screw - by turning the screw clockwise, the ball came out and locked the ring.  Although an unusual design and original fitment pre-war, that type of cap made it very easy to damage the chrome ring - as most people forget to untighten the square head screw before undoing the chrome ring .. we recommend using this type in conjunction with the large bellmouth retained spring,

But if you do wish to retain that earlier type of inner cap (and still have an original) - you can still do this, but some of the earlier inner caps may have a different recess diameter - in which case you would need to machine out the inner diamteter of this cap slightly to accomodate - email us wiht dimensions of your original inner cap if you are not sure on

Finally, if you own an Amal RN (Remote Needle Carburettor), that carburettor, although similar, uses a larger diameter top ring - which we can also supply - Item 1057.

Update November 2021 - We have just had a new batch of both these and the RN top rings come in, apologies the price has risen - but as you may be aware the price of brass has risen hugely in the last 18 months (post Covid impact?)

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