Full Specification and Tuning Sheets for Original Amal TT, RN and GP Carburetters - Facsimile

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This Facsimile is a full and comprehensive catalog, listing good quality reproductions of original Amal specification and tuning sheets for the Amal TT, RN (Remote Needle) and GP competition model carburettors, and also includes a full list of settings for SOHC Norton models when fitted with these models as well as a comprehensive setup guide from period Norton technical guides for these carburettors.  

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We also include the most common TT/RN carb settings for Norton 350cc and 500cc carbs, as well as some other useful carb tuning information from period Norton and other tuning experts.


The TT type competition carburettorwas first produced in the 1920's - before Amal was formed, at that time the company was called Amac - and we include a single page exploded view of that early Amac design in this facsimile.  The carburettor was then updated through the years (some pre-war versions being identifiable as they had the sub-model number relating to year stamped on the flange - i.e. TT27 or TT35), before being developed into the RN (Remote Needle) carburettor - used mainly on genuine competition bikes only, such as Manx's and KTT's, before being further developed into the GP carburettor. 

We also include one of the first of the Amal TT specification sheets (on which the cover shows the amalgamation of Amacs, Binks and B&B to create Amal), from approximately 1934, which also lists and shows pictures of many of the other carb accessories they were making in the early 1930's.  This being from an original I have in my own collection 

This Facsimile brings together copies of many of the original (and rare to find) Amac/Amal Tuning/Spares sheets for these different carburettor types - and as well as giving an interesting chronological account of how they changed - is invaluable for anyone trying to setup these carburettors - as there is a very specific order to do this in for most of the designs.

Then, in the second half of the document we have a section listing the most common settings for TT and RN carbs fitted to Norton SOHC models by year, as well as some common settings for many bikes fitted with Amal competition carbs in the 1950's (from a well known tuning book at the time). 

Finally, we also include a section from one of the period (1940's-50's) Norton technical manuals, written by the then Technical Manager for Norton's - Edgar Franks, on how to setup your road Norton SOHC for TT carbs, as well as a section on racing.

As well as being an interesting Facsimile, it contains a wealth of information for anyone who has a bike fitted with either TT, RN or GP carbs.

Printed on high quality A4 paper, with original documents carefully reproduced (and cleaned up if necessary), with a green card cover and Contents section, this facsimile is of circa 50 pages in total. 

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