Manx Bolt-thru Petrol Tank - 5/16" BSC Domed Nuts: Stainless Steel Polished

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- This is the domed nut used on the top of Norton Manx Plunger petrol tanks - these look beautiful lightly polished when used in conjunction with my stainless dished washer. Price is per each

These domed nuts are patterned on the 5/16" BSC domed nuts used on Bolt-Thru Manx petrol tanks, but are also excellent for the top brackets of Inter Oil tanks - also a visible spot, or actually, anywhere where semi decorative domed cycle nut is required

Manufactured in stainless steel - Employs 5/16" B.S.Cycle thread, so can be used for other purposes if desired.  Particularly, they are handy to use on oil tank bolts, handlebar threads (if using 5/16" cycle threads) and 5/16 BSC chassis and mudguard bolts where the nut is showing

We polish the head of each domed nut (but be aware, although we clean before sending - they can occasionally have a residue bit of black buffing compound on them - just wipe off with a clean rag)


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