SOHC Big End Oil Jet Holder (and pre 1938 OHV/SV) - (Each)

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This is the steel jet holder that screws into the inner timing cover on SOHC and pre-1938 OHV/SV models - and retains the big end oil feed plunger/quill.

It was also fitted to WD16H models (that continued to use this type of big end oil feed, when the civilian SV/OHV models had had a timing cover re-design in 1938). 

The same holder is also used on all SOHC central oil feed (competition type) cambox bevel covers. 

The quill holder has a flat milled on it - which will coincide with a flat milled on whichever casting it is used in conjunction with - it is always a good idea to get these in line when first fitting the quill holder - as they are normally a size fit - once in line, the quill holder can be lightly tapped fully home with soft headed mallet.  Always ensure the plunger/quill and spring have smooth movement in the bore before final fitting to the engine.

When used in the timing case on SOHC and OHV/SV models - it was used in conjunction with a BigEnd type quill (with bigger oil feed hole) and when used in the SOHC cambox - it was fitted with either the normal length quill or the Feathebed shorter quill - both these quill types having a smaller oil feed hole than the bigger Big End quill. 

The accompanying photos show the quill holder as part of the assembly for all these applications - note, this listing is just for the steel quill holder - all other parts of fhe assembly are sold seperately.  Price is Each.

Note -we also sell a similar version (0082_2), which has a shoulder which is 2 thou oversizew - if you have a timing cover where the original hole for this holder has worn oversize.



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