SOHC Bevel Chamber - Oil Filter Bolt in Stainless Steel. Reduced Head (Manx) Type - Each

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These SOHC Bevel Chamber Filter Bolts are CNC manufactured by us to the original Norton design - but we make them in high quality stainless steel, with the correct imperial thread and hex.  They fit into the SOHC bevel chest from the front (from approximately 1932 onwards) and are an essential part of the oil system - collecting oil that has collected in the bottom of the bevel chamber - but not allowing any swarf through. 

This type of fiter bolt was not fitted to the earliest type SOHC bevel chambers - but they must have quickly realised that by fitting this filter bolt - with very fine slots . . . it helps stop any pieces of swarf or debris getting picked up and passed back into the oil pump.  The design of the bolt is very clever - the thread is at the front of the bevel chamber - but the open end of the opposite end of the filter bolt locates into an oil channel at the rear of the inner bevel chamber, where it feeds to the oil pump.

These are not a simple bolt to manufacture, requiring multiple machining ops - hence not a cheap item, but are very pretty in stainless steel.

They require a sealing washer on the thread, the most popular fitting being our Item 0090 Dowty Washer.

This particular type also has a 'reduced' head for weight saving, which is done in the style of some original Manx Norton heads - which looks particularly nice on a competition or sports machine (and actually - adds an additional and visible bit of 'bling' to your engine!).

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