SOHC Dry Sump Gear Pump Spindle Driving Plate (Each)

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Driving plate for the oil pump on all SOHC engines, engaging with the oil pump drive gear on each ear, and from there driving the oil pump from the central slot.  Price is Each. 

This important part often wears badly on the original item, you should check the the ears on this drive plate regularly for wear. - a small amount of wear is ok, but it is not unusual to find original drive gear's with the ears badly worn - which eventually can shear.   

Background notes:

Also - when first building and running a newly created engine - it is important to check that ears engage with the magneto drive plate ok and plate does not foul oil pump bolts, because they are protruding from the oil pump slightly - all standard stuff, but it is easy to forget and overlook this, we sell oil pump bolts which have reduced heads for this reason, so they do not protrude beyond the brass oil pump cover plate.

If building a new engine, it is always worth checking that this oil pump drive plate will fully engage with both the oil pump drive gear slot (which also holds the magneto drive sprocket on its other end),  as well as engaging onto the oil pump drive gear ok, as many engines are built up from parts from different years - and small variations in machining of the timing covers exist over the years the SOHC engine was made.  A good way to do this is to loosely fit the timing cover with the oil pump drive gear in place in the inner timing cover, and this oil pump driving plate engaged onto the gear and the oil pump - but the crankshaft drive gear not fitted.  The magneto sprocket should also be fitted.  By doing it this way it allows for the oil pump gear to be turned by hand - which should allow the oil pump plate to centralise and ensure it is turning the oil pump ok, and also check clearances etc more easily.

These drive plates should also be checked periodically, as their design means that outermost tips/ears do often wear heavily, where they engage with the slots in the oil pump drive gear. 

Note: we supply these drive plates in a sealable plastic bag - but as we do with many other steel parts - we spray a small amount of Duck Oil on them to protect them in storage.  You may also see a some colouration on the plates - this is normal and just a side effect of the heat treatment operations as part of manufacture.

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