Hone and Fit Bigend Into Conrod

Product no.: 0072e Hone

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Select this item if you wish to purchase a BigEnd from me, but would like me to press it into your conrod, and then finish hone it to size for you. Having ordered the BigEnd from me, if you post me your original conrod (please ensure it is sent by insured post), I will then press out your old bigend eye, press in the new bigend eye, and then finally I will hone the BigEnd eye to ensure it has the correct tolerence restored. (This is because pressing the outer ring into the conrod will normally close it up by an additional thou or two). The honing will be carried out on a Delapena Speedhone, which is a specialist honing machine designed to do this job.. Please Note: The price quoted does not include the postage back to you for the conrod and new Bigend. However, as always I will only charge for the actual cost of postage - I do not make any profit on postage
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