SOHC Model 30M Connecting Rod - By Carillo Industries

Product no.: 0070 A11M/158

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- World famous Carillo 'H Beam' conrods, manufactured to Longstroke Manx specification (100mm stroke, to take standard Manx Big End race and 0.875" inner diameter Little End), supplied with Little End fitted.

Feb 2020 Update: Since our last batch of these, the US/Pound dollar rate has meant ordering more untenable.  However, if you are looking for a Norton SOHC connecting rod (either International or M30/Longstroke Manx type) then email us at

If I receive enough interest I will consider another batch from Carillo or alternatively from Arrow Industries in the UK, who I have also spoken to.  A 50% deposit and 3 month turnaround would be expected on these 

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