SOHC Cambox Rubber Pad Bottom Adjusting Screw

SOHC Cambox Rubber Pad Bottom Adjusting Screw

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SOHC Cambox Rubber Pad Bottom Adjusting Screw (Stainless Steel) - Original Type.

This is the adjusting screw that is used to push the bottom rubbers up against the rocker arm centres. These need regular adjustment to prevent oil leaking from the cambox - Manufactured as per the original items, with square adjusting heads - Made in a high grade stainless steel, these are too pretty to sit under the cambox!

This is the original 'standard length' item (copied from an original pre-war item), but we also offer a slightly longer length item (0064c), which can be used if you wish to use less rubber but apply more pressure - if you have a worn rocker casting, more prone to leacking.

Overall length of this item: 39.8 mm

We also supply the correct 'reduced head' nuts, as originally fitted, also made in stainless steel (Item No. 0064b).

If you would like to see how we make this bolt, follow the link to a Youtube video:


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