SOHC Sleeve Nuts (Head Bolts) For Model 30/30M - Set of 4

SOHC Sleeve Nuts (Head Bolts) For Model 30/30M - Set of 4

Product no.: 0042 A11/156S
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- High quality Stainless Steel head bolts for all 500cc Inter and SOHC Manx engines - Set of 4 sleevebolts, slightly cheaper than buying individually.

These 'Sleeve bolts' are threaded 7/16" for their lower part, where they tighten down the head, but are also threaded on their top part to take the cambox bolts, which is located on top of these sleeve bolts.

These are CNC machined from stainless steel and look lovely, they are just as per original.

Note:  these screw onto the barrel studs using 7/16" x 20tpi threads (as per original).  However it is no longer possible to get BSC taps in this size.  Therefore both our studs and sleeve bolts use 7/16" x 20 tpi UNF thread - these have the same teeth per inch but a fractionally different thread form.  We advise when fitting these you also fit our stainless steel barrel studs, which also have the same thread.  (If you are using original studs and really want to keep them you may find it possible to go over the original stud threads with a 7/16" UNF die if they have any tightness, but we really advise just replacing studs with our very pretty new ones!)

Not cheap due to their size and complexity of manufacture


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