Mainshaft/Camshaft Bearing - Securing Plate Screw: All SOHC Models - Set of 9

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This is the countersunk screw used to retain securing plates for both main bearings in the crankcases and front camshaft bearings.

This listing is for a bag of 9 screws (we also sell a smaller bag of 3 screws - Item 0023)

These screws are the correct coarse thread, length and most importantly - are unplated, which is very important - as the original design of these bearing plates was for the screws to be soldered to the bearing plate - to ensure they did not come loose and drop into the crankcase in use - causing severe damage.

The normal SOHC roadgoing models used a 3 plate bearing cover, as did the first camshaft bearing cover, while 30M/40M (pre Featherbed Manx) models used a 4 screw bearing plate.

It is extremely important that both the screws and the bearing plate are burnished clean before attempting to solder, and I have always found it easiest to use a good quality flux, and a small blowtorch - as a suprising amount of heat is required before solder will melt over the head of the screw.  Ideally - the solder should 'puddle' over the head of the screw and surrounding plate countersink - to ensure a good join.  You need to be very careful if using this method with some modern bearings - which have now switched from a bronze to nylon ball cage - the heat must be kept away from the bearing cage.

Final point - in practice it is extremely difficult to avoid some level of 'mess' when doing this job - and normally trying to cover the bearings with a cloth or tape is not practical because of the heat.  In preference - if fitting new bearings, I do not place any oil into the bearings after fitting - until after I have finished soldering the bearing plate.  After soldering, I very carefully capture and remove any traces of spattered solder or flux from the area . . . and if any solder has landed on the bearings I very carefully remove that, before final oiling of bearings.


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