Main Bearing - Model 30M/40M (Manx) - Timing Side Twin Ball Bearing : SKF C3

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Twin row caged ball bearing. Fitted to Model 30M/40M (Manx) SOHC engines in original C3 looser fit, from high quality SKF manufacturer.  

This is the twin row bearing fitted to the timing side of SOHC magnesium crankcase M30/M40 (i.e. pre-Featherbed) Manx models.  It is different to the aluminium crankcase International models timing side bearing (which is only a single row bearing) - making the M30/Manx models stronger in this important area (which may explain why pre-featherbed M30/Manx magnesium crankcases are often found with the drive side crankcase damaged but timing side ok).

Original bearings had steel/bronze cages, but have not been available in that form for many years.  Modern versions of this bearing are now supplied with a nylon cage.  This is the correct looser fit 'C3' bearing as fitted to original models - but bear in mind the cage is nylon when soldering the whitworth screws over the bearing retaining plate - particularly if using a blowtorch, do not get the heat too close to the cage!

SKF is a high quality manufacturer of the same qualithy as RHP manufacturer, and now very difficult to find.

Update April 2020: For the last 5 years this bearing has been getting progressively more difficult to source, and back in 2019 we ran out of them completely.  I have marked this listing as new again - to highlight to customers that we have managed to source a small quantity of this bearing from high quality SKF manufacturer in the correct 'C3' looser fit size (as originally fitted).  although not cheap - if you have a magnesium crankcase M30/Manx, these are the correct bearing and not sure if they will be available again when these have gone


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