Main Bearing - SOHC Mod 30/40 and CS1/CJ- Timing Side Ball Bearing : RHP Std (Non-C3) Type

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Single row ball bearing. Fitted to timing side Model 30/40 (International) SOHC engines.  These are from top quality manufacturer - RHP, but are in a standard (non-C3 tolerance), slighty cheaper than Item 0020.  Now obsolete and extremely difficult to source.

These are of the same RHP high quality as our Item 0020 (which is the looser tolerance 'C3' fit), and are the same bearing - but are in the normal 'Std' tolerance.  Norton SOHC engines were originally fitted with loose tolerance C3 bearings - but as most people know, the C3 are now extremely difficult and expensive to source, and these are slightly cheaper.  For many owners - a 'Standard fit'  bearing is fullly acceptable (and actually - some find their engines had been previously renewed with stanard fit bearings!), you just need to be aware and alllow a little more time for running in (remembering these were originally fitted to race engines - where running in could have been just a couple of laps!).

May 21 Update: 

Like all original RHP main bearings, these are now obsolete and are not likely to be available again once current stocks have gone (I know, as we have consulted with RHP and cost for their minimum batch run for making the correct C3 type is prohibitive). For these particular bearings - i.e SOHC International Timing side, as at this point, we have been able to obtain another small batch of 0020 (C3) fit bearings, but knowing they would quickly run out, we were also able to obtain a batch of these non-C3 fit at the same time . ... as both are now obsolete, we decided to get both types now, while we still can! 

Timing Side SOHC Bearing - Background Information:  The aluminium crankcase SOHC version (i.e. CS1/CJ or Model 30/40 International) all used this single row ball bearing on the timing side.  However, magnesium crankcase M30/M40 and later Manx (both SOHC and DOHC) adopted a twin row ball bearing on the timing side - giving additional strength and rigidity and a fractionally narrower crankshaft.  Therefore before ordering these bearings - confirm that your SOHC engine is aluminium crankcase version.  If you have a magnesium crankcase version (i.e. M30/M40 Racing International or Manx) then you will require the twin row bearing which we also supply - Item 0021. 

Obviously, the twin row bearing is not interchangeable with the single row type (and actually is still occasionally being made - so is actually cheaper on our catalog than the single row shown here, even though it is bigger - sorry!).  


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