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This listing is for the original fitment - Single row roller bearing in C3 size from RHP.  RHP are the top quality UK bearing supplier that originally made this bearing, and before becoming RHP were called Hoffman (which may appear on some original bearings when you strip your old engine down).

This roller was fitted to all SOHC engines, both International and early Manx, on the drive side and was innermost to the crankshaft.  This original 'C3' Version is a slightly looser fit than the standard tolerance bearing - as original crankcases were made to take these crankcases on an 'Interference' fit, and once they had been 'shrunk in', the bearing would still be easily spinning - important for a racing engine with minimum Run-In time available.

Unfortunately the original RHP type have been obsolete for many years and now unobtainable.  We have been sourcing the dwindling supplies for many years - but these have now dried up.

Therefore, these are now the options we can offer:

1. This bearing by Special Order : My bearing supplier does have access to a handful of the original RHP C3 still - and the price here is the Retail price they will be as at Febrruary 2021 (but this may change when order is placed). If you still wish to purchase one of these - place the order here as normal - we will confirm if the bearing is still available and if the guide price shown here is still correct.  We may require a deposit to commit on this item.  Sorry the price is horrendous - but that is the position with those original bearings

2. Still Fit a high quality RHP brand Roller bearing, but in Normal Tolerance (i.e. Non-C3) Size:  This is now the most logical solution for many owners, and the one I will be taking myself for future SOHC engines. This 'non C3' version is also obsolete, and the price of those left is also very high, but we do have a small quantity of these still available in stock (see Item 0019B).  These are still made by top manufacturer RHP - and just the same high quality, but you need to give a little more thought to 'running in an engine' when fitting this type, and maybe consider using 'bearing fit' compound when fitting them if your crankcase journal is getting worn - as so many original crankcases now are.  However, a counter argument I have heard said by knowledgable Norton engineers is - as the original 'Interference Fit' on the crankase journal gets reduced by successive bearing change - so the requirement for C3 bearing tolerances also dimishes!  I will let you decide.

3. Fit the Original Lipped Roller C3 Fit from a Cheaper Modern Bearing Manufacturer:  There are also some limited quantities of cheaper (normally 'Offshore' manufactured) versions of the original C3 type bearing.  Update Feb 2021: We are talking to our specialist bearing supplier about a small batch of these.  Email for details: 

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