Main Bearing - Drive Side Ball Bearing : Model 30/40 and 30M/40M (Manx)

Main Bearing - Drive Side Ball Bearing : Model 30/40 and 30M/40M (Manx)

Product no.: 0018 A11/30
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- Single row ball bearing - Fitted to the outer of the two driveside mainshaft bearings in the crankcase on all SOHC engines, both International and early Manx.  This is the correct C3 (loose tolerence) type, from top quality manufacturer RHP.

12/6/14: Back in stock again but now virtually unobtainable! I have managed to find some, but price risen again . . . this could be the last batch available!

 *** 8/1/19: Well it has finally happened!!  each time I have re-ordered these bearings it has been harder and harder to trace down the original Norton type 'C3' variant - which means a slightly looser fit than the standard type bearing.  This time I have only  been able to get hold of a couple of 'New Old Stock' SKF version of this now extremely rare bearing.  email us on if you want to purchase one of these original and correct 'C3' bearings . . . but dont be surprised if I quote you a very high cost (higher than the figure quoted here), or just tell you they have all gone.

However, I am just in the process of trying to order the same RHP brand bearing - but in the 'Standard' fit type for this bearing.  I cannot categorically tell you these are the right bearing for this engine . . . otherwise Norton would have fitted them themselves.  However, if you were to ask me if I would rather fit a cheap Chinese 'C3' bearing of this type (I hear they might be out there!), or a 'Standard fit' RHP brand bearing - then my answer would be unequivocable - I would fit a standard fit RHP bearing every time . . . and just be a bit more careful about running in the new engine . .. because it might be just a little bit 'tighter' than Norton intended it to be!!

Therefore, if you need new main bearings . . . consider that this listing is for the 'Standard Fit' RHP bearing (I am just waiting for confirmation and delivery of this bearing from my bearing supplier) . . . but if you want to email us for further advice, or on the 'off chance' we may have a C3 version available . . . then use normal email.

ps - to give an indication of the challenge facing all of us SOHC Norton owners . . . if you want to 

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