Videos and V'Logs

Videos and V'Logs

This page gives links to occasional Youtube videos (or associated RacingVincent Webpage articles that go with the videos) I have posted on our RacingVincent Youtube page.

As you will see, I am not great with a video camera - but was considering the occasional 'How To' or restoration video for questions frequently asked - email me at if there is a subject you would like to see covered 


 V-Logs and Short Videos:


- 17/05/22 : New Youtube Videos - 1939 M30 Manx Build and VSCC Mallory:

I have finally got round to putting together an updae on my 1939 Manx project - mainly an update on the chassis build work done in 2021 - before I move on to the Manx engine work I have been doing since Nov 2021.  I will try and add further updates much quicker than I have been doing recently.

Additionally, I published some photos and video footage from a really nice Mallory VSCC (Vintage Sports Car Club) meeting I attended last year - showing how the 3 and 4 wheel vintage brigade enjoy a day out:

1939 Manx 500cc Build Video:             Pre War 1939 Manx Norton Build - Part 3



August 2021 Mallory Meeting:      VSCC Aug 2021 Mallory Mtg


- 7/3/2021: Douglas 2 3/4hp TT Replica Build - Episode 1

Video showing progress on another one of my long term builds - a 1919/20 Douglas 2 3/4hp TT Replica, bought as an unrestored 70% complete box of bits back in 2016:

Douglas 2 3/4hp TT Replica Build - Episode 1



- V-log 4 30/5/20: Rebuild Project 1939 M30 - Plungers Cleanup

Next video log of 1939 M30 rebuild.  Having finished painting frame and fork - cleaning threads for grease nipples and showing cleanup of original rear plunger spindles and alloy castings



- V-log 3 12/5/20: Rebuild Project 1939 Manx Norton - Frame Topcoat

The first short V-Log covering rebuild of my 1939 M30 competition Norton - an early Gardengate which will house a pre-war magnesium race engine using our own crankcases



- Lockdown V-log 2: Honing Rocker Arms 25/03/20

Recently I have been out in the workshop doing various honing jobs - including this batch of fitting new rocker bearings into SOHC rocker arms and honing - which I did a short video of:




- Lockdown V-log 1: 20/03/20

I do not normally do videos like this . . . but as we are in lockdown like everyone else, it seemed appropriate.  More to follow, with less of me!




                         Motorcycle Events:


- VMCC Taverners Trial: Rileys Railway 01/03/20

An enjoyable day accompanying an old mate on his Norton 500T to a Taverners Trial - the first trial I had been to since I last did one myself about 12 years ago










- Brooklands Motorcycle Day Visit 03/07/16

Back in 2016 I took a couple of bikes along to a Brooklands motorcycle day in Weybridge, Surrey.  This evocative race track, which closed to competitive racing back in 1939 is one of my favourite venues and this video shows a bit of its history as well as some footage of runs up the Test Hill on the day 

Brooklands_2016_02_300       - RacingVincent Article


                                                    YouTube Video -







- VMCC BHR Mallory Meeting 15/04/12

I uploaded this some time ago, but recently upgraded it to a better quality version.  This is the last vintage BHR meeting I raced in myself . . . on my 1938 Racing Inter.  At this time Ian Bain, Mike Farrel and Phil Crump were still racing and Ian and Mike's pre-war bikes are shown in the pits before the race.  I had a 5th place in my first race, but engine went sick on warm up lap to second race - which subsequently turned out to be terminal with a broken crankpin:





                         Rides Out On My Bikes:


- Vincent Comet - Sunday Morning Ride In Leicestershire 09/09/17

Sunday morning ride out around Leicestershire on Vinnie Comet, not too long after giving it a full restoration.  Also includes some older pictures of it - it being in the family since 1960: