'Works' Norton Type 1930's John Bull Left Handlebar Grip - 7/8" Bore

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This handlebar grip is a little bit special! - It is a copy of the very unusual and rare John Bull racing type handlebar grip - identifiable by the rubber grip being fatter on the outer side, this being of the type fitted to some of the Works Norton bikes of the 1920's - 1930's. For 7/8" diameter handlebars. 

I believe the intention of having the rubber fatter at the outer end was to help stop your hand slipping off downward sloping handlebars - particularly on tracks like Brooklands, and with the vibration of older bikes.  When grasstrack racing many years ago, we used to wrap medical tape on the left handlebar with the outer end being thicker - similar to this, for the same reason.

As you can see in the accompanying photographs - if you look very closely as some photos of the Works Norton team in the 1930's and 1940's you will see they were fitted with this very unusual and distinctive handlebar grip on the left side.  It was not practical to fit a similar grip on the throttle side - so they were normally fitted with standard 'parrallel' type on the throttle, which we also sell (either Item or See detail listing for more detail.  Item is for left handlebar grip only

If truthful, the quality of the pattern and writing is not the crispest - because it has been copied from an original/used grip . . . but I am told by the supplier - that the pattern originally came from that great Works racer - Stanley Woods, which I believe, as I know the supplier knew Stanley himself. Never the less it is an extremely rare pattern - and a great talking point, if you wish to fit one to your competition Norton!

27/4/20: I only have limited numbers of this grip, and not sure if there will be any more once these have gone

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