SOHC, OHV and SV (all Singles) Exhaust Pipe Port Crushable Washer

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Copper/Asbestos Type Washer used to seal exhaust pipe where it screws into cylinder head (normally requires replacement each time Union Nut is refitted). Fits all SOHC, OHV and Side Valve Norton models.

This washer is of the original Copper/Asbestos 'crushable' type construction, originally used by Norton, but in these modern times - it is now a much safer mineral type filling (i.e. not asbestos).  These washers are manufactured for us by a high quality UK gasket manufacturer to the original pattern.

Note this washer should fit all Norton single cylinder models - SOHC, DOHC, OHV and SV type motors.  Email us for dimensions if you are not sure - at

These washers should be replaced each time the exhaust is removed.  From past experience - I have always used a large 'C' spanner on the finned exhaust nut - and tighten when cold, but then carefully retighten for the first couple of runs - with the engine hot.  This I have found ensures the nut is fully tight and helps prevent any backfiring or rough running

Update March 2024: Unfortunately the manufacturing cost of this copper/mineral washer has doubled since last ordered 2 years ago!! (partily the material cost).  We have only increased the retail price by a fraction of this amount.

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