SOHC Engine - Complete (Norton type) Cheesehead SS Bar-turned Screw Set

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Complete cheesehead screw set for SOHC engine, in stainless steel with red fibre washers - comprising : 18 screws in total - 4 cambox front bevel screws, 6 rear cambox screws, 7 timing case screws, 1 crankcase screw and high quality fibre washer set (including obligatory spare washer!).

These cheesehead screws are 'bar-turned' in Stainless Steel, to the same dimensions as the original 1930's/50's Norton items - i.e they are machined from solid bar, rather than being mass produced 'pressed thread' items. The primary reason for doing this is that the 'cheesehead' of Norton screws of this item has a distinctive shape and was slightly wider than the proprietary cheeseheads screws available today (many modern cheeseheads are approx 0.370-0.375" head diameter), while ours are larger as per the original Norton profile).

The set consists of 18 CNC manufactured stainless steel screws and 19 high quality red fibre washers (we always include an extra fibre washer - in case you lose one under the bench!).

An original NOS (New Old Stock) Norton cheesehead screw was used as a pattern (see final photograph), these screws copy that profile exactly.

Sorry, not as cheap as some of the mass produced type available - as these screws machined specially for us from oversize bar in small batch's.

Update Jan 2021:  Now back in stock.  We will also shortly be producing similar sets for Norton OHV/SV models and 'Laydown' type Norton gearbox's, email for details at

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