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This is the 'Norton' motif in black as fitted to the side of early Flat Tank Norton models (notice it was before they put 'Norton Reqd Trademark' under it)nderneath). 

Similar in size to the later tank transfers - but with a more 'scrolled' look to the letters - this is a lovely period transfer and the correct transfer for earlier flat tank models.

I am not entirely sure what years this type of transfer was fitted - but I would estimate it would have been the standard from approximately 1912 to approximately 1927/28  (but I dont think anyone would blame you if you have a slightly later bike and just like the look of this transfer!).

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If you look at the accompanying photos, you will see 3 archive photographs of original bikes that look to use this style of transfer - the first being a Norton BRS (belt drive) model of approximately 1914.  Second photo is of Bert Denly at Brooklands on an OHV flat tank model, approximately 1923-24 and final photograph of Alec Bennett on what I believe was the first year of the Walter Moore CS1, this being 1927.  Although difficult to be sure - this last photo still looks to be using the old style transfer, although I would imagined it changed to the later type (our Item 0114 transfer) very shortly after this time 

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