Douglas 2 3/4hp (and EW) - Stainless Steel Inlet Manifold and Exhaust Nuts (Enquiry Only)

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This item listing is for Douglas 2 3/4hp Inlet or exhaust nuts, with milled slots - CNC manufactured from stainless steel, but at this stage is for enquiry only.

As I update this listing (5/10/2020), I have written the CNC programs and produced a small batch of these nuts for my own 1919 Douglas 2 3/4hp restoration project.

However, at this stage I only had enough billets left over from a previous job to make them for my own bike - and because some work is required to remove old ones off an original exhaust system (or the fixed side) of inlet manifolds - I am not sure how many Douglas 2 3/4hp owners there are that would want these nuts.  If I have enough interest, I will purchase a full stainless bar, cut into billets and make a further batch, as per the ones shown here.  

If you want more information or would like a set of these nuts, then email us at and will consider making a full batch.

They are CNC manufactured from stainless steel billet and original nuts were used for the pattern.  As you can see from the picture - polished they look just like bright nickel plated, but will not rust and look very pretty.

I believe these were the same style as fitted to EW Cylinder heads - and I have trial fitted to a spare head I have, but only the inlet side, as the exhaust port on EW heads has a larger thread diameter

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