Douglas 2 3/4hp - Original Style 1/8" BSP Petrol Tap and Filler Unit

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This is the distinctive petrol tap and filter unit that were fitted to Douglas models from 1914 - 24.  The tap itself is a good quality brass taper tap with 1/8" BSP thread into the tank - as per the original item.  The filter unit is CNC machined stainless steel with screw in seperate filter and 1/4" BSP thread outlet.

Update May 2023: A new batch now back in stock.

Background and Manufacture:

The original Douglas 2 3/4hp petrol tap with filter unit (original Part Number 1185d) had a distinctive look and according to the original Spare Parts catalog was fitted to all models from 1914-24 (a plain tap without filter is listed for 1912-13, but I have also seen pictures of pre WW1 bikes with them fitted - not sure if these are original?).  

When rebuilding my own 1919 Douglas 2 3/4hp model, although I have a lovely original petrol tank (still in its original paint), I did not have the correct petrol tap, so looked to replicate this unit, using period photographs.

The starting point is an excellent quality brass lever tap, manufactured by one of my suppliers, which has the correct 1/8" BSP thread into the petrol tank and 1/4" BSP outlet, but no filter fitted.  It also has a gauze filter fitted, going into the fuel tank.

The only change made to these taps is to strip and re-machine the lever boss to give them a more authentic and original look. We then polish the brass and reassemble it.

The filter unit is manufactured by ourselves, being a screw on filter cylinder, to accept a small conical gauze filter (fitted), then red fibre unit, and then a screw in bottom ferrule to secure the filter - the outlet of this being standard 1/4" BSP thread with taper.  This filter unit is CNC manufactured in stainless steel and is supplied fully assembled to the brass petrol tap, ready to fit. However, the filter unit can be stripped for cleaning if required. a 1/8 BSP red fibre washer is also included.

If required, the small cone filter inside the filter unit can be omitted - as the main petrol tap unit also comes with gauze filter supplied.

Note: Dec 2021: As supplied to me, the base fuel taps are manufactured in brass and unplated, I then re-machine the tap shaft to give a more authentic/period shape before polishing and reassembling the tap and fitting the parts we manufacture.  I did originally consider getting these taps nickel plated - so the whole unit looked similar - but actually the polished brass against the polished stainless (that looks like period nickel plating) looks really attractive - but most importantly, when fuel tap cocks are plated they invariably leak - which in my opinion is a good reason to leave them as they are , hope you understand!


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