Douglas 2 3/4hp - Copper 1/4" Bore Veteran Motorcycle - Fuel Pipe Blank (420mm long) Length

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This item listing is for a length of 1/4" outer diameter copper fuel (or oil) pipe of 420mm (approximately 16.5" inches), which is long enough to make a petrol pipe for most Douglas 2 3/4hp / 4hp variants or other similar Edwardian bikes.  

These copper pipes are pre-cut straight lengths of 1/4" diameter copper fuel pipe (from a trusted UK supplier we use for all similar copper pipe supplies) - which will allow you to easily bend the pipe to the desired shape for your own Douglas 2 3/4hp or 4hp model variant.  As you can see from the accompanying photographs - I have also shown a picture of a similar length of the same copper pipe, which I have bent to fit my own 1919/20 Douglas 2 3/4hp model.  I believe this particular shape is one of the most common seen on those 2 3/4hp models using the Amac carb type shown in the photo.

Because there are so many variants of carburettor/petrol tank/petrol tank combinations, there is little point us offering pre-bent pipes - but rest assured, these pipe lengths are easy to bend to shape - and can even be done with firm finger pressure.  However for best results - I use a small pipe bending hand tool (easily found on E-bay), or sometimes just gently bend around a piece of aluminum or steel bar stock with the correct radius.  The pipe comes to us in large reels (pre-annealed I believe), so should not require further heating before bending.

If possible, I would advise starting the pipe a fraction longer than the final length, and then that extremity can then be held in a vice, or up against a 'stop' of some sort, to allow extra leverage for any bends close to the end.  It can then be cut to final length.  I use a small angle grinder with a thin cutting disc for cutting off (you will find this much easier than a hacksaw) then finely linish a chamfer on the outer face and de-burr the inner face.  Finally - remember to blow any swarf particles from the pipe after de-burring, particularly if using this pipe as an oil pipe.

I believe this diameter of copper pipe was used on many belt drive and Edwardian motorcycles, and we can also provide a variety of fittings and ferrules to fit this pipe (soft soldering is normally sufficient to provide a firm joint, but ensure you use plumbers solder, not electrical solder).  For the standard 1/4 BSP and brass tapered ferrule see our Item 0891_4.  If you are fitting this fuel pipe to an Amac carburettor with the float chamber similar to the one shown in these photos - then we also manufacture the ferrule and stainless nut to fit that carburettor type - Item 0982.

We can also provide custom lengths of similar pipe - expect price to be pro-rata based on length of this.  Email on to enquire

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