COMING SOON: 1930-37 and 1938-47 Pushrod Tubes/Nuts in Stainless Steel (Expect Late 2023)

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This item 'Pre-Listing' is to let Pre-war OHV owners know - we will shortly be manufacturing batch's of the distinctive and long Norton OHV Pushrod tubes - in seamless stainless steel, and the special bottom Hex Gland Nuts that were fitted to each respective type. 

This update written July 2023 - with a view to producing both types to be available late 2023.


We intend to be making two Pushrod Tube Assembly types:

- The earlier 1930-37 type OHV pushrod tube (0.750" Tube OD).  The tube length shown was standard for both 500 and 350 models.  By special request we may also make the 600 length - email us now to order that length.

- The tapered Hex bottom nut that slid over this type tube

- We will also consider making the special two thread ended ferrule that screwed into the crankcase, and the pushrod nut then attached to.  We are only likely to make a few of these -unless pre-ordered by customers - but if yours has a hex that is rusty or badly chewed . . . you might want to contact us now to let us know your interest

- The later 1938-47 Type OHV Pushrod tube (0.875" Tube OD):  We will be making the 500cc length showin in photo, but email us if you 600cc/350cc requirement

-  Again, we will also be manufacutring the special threaded nut that screwed into the crankcase.  


For all items - they will be manufactured from stainless steel - for the tubes this will be best quality 'seamless' stainless steel, and for the nuts, they will be CNC billet turned from the correct Imperial Hex size stainless bar, and BSC threads.

For the pushrod tubes, to avoid distortion of the tubes, rather than pressing the lip at the bottom of the tubes (they were very long on the pre-war Nortons - swaging the end over would be difficult on stainless tubing) - we will silver solder in a machined 'lip' at the bottom of the tube - as Norton did themselves on some later pushrod tubes.

Email us on if you require more details, or wish to reserve any of these items.  Once price is confirmed, we may ask for a small deposit to secure them




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