180 Degree (Norton Type) Banjo - To fit Original Amal TT and RN Carbs - Banjo + Washer Set

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This is a reproduction of the original 180 Degree banjo that was fitted to Amal TT, RN and GP alloy froat chambers from the late 1930's onwards.  This 180 Degree type was most commonly fitted to Norton SOHC (and Manx Norton) carburettors - and is much rarer to find than the '90 degree' type more commonnly fitted to other motorcycle marques using the Amal competition carburettors through to the early 1960s.  

Price is per each banjo, but includes the two red fibre washers fitted either side of these banjos - from a high quality manufacturer.

This type of competition banjo were fitted to the Amal TT, RN and GP carburettor float chambers that were used from the late 1930's onwards.  I expect most customers looking at this listing will be familiar with their own carburettor - but please note that earlier pre-War TT carbs were often fitted with a brass floatchamber, which used a smaller bore banjo - if you have that earlier type of float chamber - then sorry, this banjo will not fit.  Email us for details and dimensions on sales@racingvincent.co.uk if you are not sure and want to check.

This style of alloy cast banjo were originally produced in twin inlet 180 degree type (most often used on genuine SOHC Norton machines), 90 degree twin outlet (commonly used on many marques through the late 1950s), and also in single inlet guise - commonly used on the main carburettor body, when using a remote float chamber.  

This 'twin inlet' 180 degree type is possibly the hardest to find today, and although it can be fitted to any marqure using the floatchamber shown in the photo, and the larger/later type 302 Floatchamber . . . it was specifically the type most normally fitted to competition Norton carbs from the late 1930's through to the mid 1950's.

These banjos are cast in heat treated aluminium, using an original 180 degree period casting as a pattern (taken from an original Amal RN Manx Norton carburettor), and then CNC machined to the original bore dimensions and 1/4" BSP pipe fittings.  Each banjo is supplied with two high quality red fibre wahers of the correct diameter for these banjos.

Please note:  The original Amal banjo shown in the photo was itself not of the highest quality - in that the casting lines were quite visible and had been linished as part of the original manufacturing process.  Added to this, the original casting was machined fractionally off centre.  We had these castings cast from a silicone pattern taken from this original banjo (rather than a purpose manufactured 'boxed pattern', which would have been prohibitively expensive).  Therefore, I would be truthful enough to say that the quality of these castings are not of the highest quality, and although each casting has been linished (as the original was) before machining - their finish is not quite as good as we would have liked, and some may be machined slightly off centre as well - as per the photograph.  However, rest assured - each banjo is checked after machining to ensure the full width of fibre washer makes contact ... . and as most are aware, this is now a very difficult item to find - we only have very limited numbers of them (and we have barely covered our manufacturing and CNC setup costs!)

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