10TT/RN/GP BellMouth - Long Length: To fit Amal 10TT, RN and GP Carburettors

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Long type bellmouth to fit original Amal 10TT and RN (Remote Needle) carburettors. Can also be fitted to  10GP1 .carbs  High quality CNC machined from an original bellmouth pattern (see photo) .  Available in various internal diameter's - including those to fit both 350 and 500 variation SOHC and early DOHC Nortons 

These distinctive bellmouths are of the type originally fitted to Amal 10TT and RN competition carburettors and were the type often seen fitted to early SOHC 30M/40M SOHC (and early DOHC) Manx Norton's fitted with Amal RN carburettors throughout the 1930's - 50's.  They were also fitted to many other competition and GP bikes of the 1930's-1950's.

These bellmouths are CNC machined by us from an original bellmouth pattern.  The first photograph shows  a very original longnecked (as fitted to SOHC racing Norton's) Amal RN competition carburettor, fitted with one of our CNC machined bellmouths, and the original Amal Long neck RN bellmouth in front of it.  I hope you would agree - the profile and overall shape of our bellmouth is pretty much identical to the original  . . . while most other 'Long' length pattern bellmouths I have seen manufactured over the years have not been able to get this profile correct, most showing the type later fitted to Amal GP2 carburettors, which were more funnel shaped, than the distinctive 'parrallel neck' bellmouth fitted to TT and RN carbs.

They are available in various internal diameters from 1 3/32" (350 Norton International size) to 1 3/16" (the largest commonly available 10TT size, although in the past I have made a couple of up to 1 1/4"  which I believe was a special size occasionally made - I have fitted one of these to a methanol SOHC engine in the past).

Standard Norton International 500cc size was 1 5/32", although for earlier engines up to 1935 the size was 1 1/8".  We offer both these sizes.

SOHC Manx engines were normally fitted with Amal RN engines from the late 1930's.  Although I believe these were sometimes fitted with 'Short' bellmouths (see Item 0140a), but it was more normal to see these fitted with 'Medium' length bellmouths.  However, I have also seen roadgoing models with Amal TT carburettors fitted with the longer 'Medium' length bellmouth - we do both, whichever is your personal preference.

These Long length bellmouths will also fit the later Amal 15GP or 10GP competition carburettor (but not 5GP or 3GP which are larger).  It is not unusual on later GP carburettors to see a slightly  more cone shaped  profile, rather than the type shown here for RN/TT type carbs, although this is only obvious when compared side by side

Final point:  I also offer a 'Custom Diameter' - which means if you have a particular diameter not listed, I may be able to machine this with some change to our program - but may have an additional cost, as i would need to set machine up for doing this task - email us on normal sales@racingvincent.co.uk

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