Latest News : RacingNorton E-Shop Update:

26/03/20 : Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update and Other News

We would like to let our customers know that at this current time we are still trading and still taking orders, although following all UK guidelines, and paying close attention to our postal service updates - we will update this homepage again if anything changes in the coming days.

We are however having to operate with some reduced service - with Steph mostly working from home, so please bear this in mind, their may be some delay in emails and postage times may be longer than normal.

We also want to wish all our customers and patrons our very best wishes and hope that you and your family are well - in whatever country you are reading this from.  

Recent Re-Stock Updates:

On a more positive note - We have been working very hard on re-stocks and progress on new products since December, and we are investing heavily on keeping our most popular items in stock.  I have been trying to get a Newsletter out, as there are too many product updates to include here - but please bear with me, the last two weeks have been very hectic, trying to complete in progress re-supplies before the current circumstances close down some of our supplies.  

But before the newsletter, some of most significent updates you may be interested in:

- Shims:  A large consignment of all our popular shims now back in stock, including some new shims to our catalog - i.e. OHV/SV Mainshaft, some Norton Gearbox and BTH KD1 shims:  Easiest to just search by Shims: Shim Search

- Big Ends and Bevel Bearings:  Having been unavailable for some time, we are now able to offer SOHC Bigends from our original manufacturer, as well as a fitting to conrod and honing service.  We are now also able to offer OHV/SV BigEnds in two types.  We also have a limited stock of twin row Bevel bearings back in stock (0005). 

Both are available in our Bearings Section: Bearings Section

Finally - we are pleased to update customers that we have now increased our postal service - as well as our normal provider - Royal Mail, we have now started using a well known and reliable UK courier - DPD for some non-UK and large parcel services.  We believe this will offer significant customer savings for larger parcels, as well as maintaining reliability.  We will automatically quote the most cost efficient service at order payment time.


In case I am not able to get our Newsletter out in the next two weeks, email us on if you want an update on stock availability or have a customer order that is still in progress


16/02/20 : Re-Stocks and Updates 

A few more parts back in stock since last update two weeks ago:

- 1 BA Stainless Cheesehead Handlebar Screws (as well as 2BA still in stock): 0250 and 0335

- BTH KD1 (and other BTH) Comp Adv/Ret Housing Screws for Lockwire - Stainless Steel, very pretty!: Item 0379

- Douglas 2 3/4hp Standard Valve Collars and Retaining Pins:Item 0730 

06/02/20 : Re-Stocks

- Cambox oil feed unions/pipes to valve guides (0353/0354) back in stock

- Carb Parts:  Numerous floatchamber parts (needles/lockstops/base plugs) in stock or new: Carb Section

Square Section Clutch Springs:  Made originally for racing clutch's -new stock just in for racing and road clutchs 

- Upright Gearbox End Nuts (Stainless Steel) - back in stock (very popular - as very pretty) 

- And coming shortly - New batchs of all shims, Square head (M30) clutch spring bolts, M30 alloy gear levers etc.

Email if you require any more information on these items - but bear in mind the first part of this update.

Best wishes

Paul Norman


12/01/20 : Latest News - Various Re-stocks and New Items

- First of all - Happy New Year to Everyone! (and hopefully, if you subscribe to our (irregular) Newsletters, you will have received a Xmas card with my daughter smiling at you - and me failing to look miserable!

Restocks: December and January have been busy month's with numerous items coming back into stock.  I wont list them all but amongst them are:  Petrol tank dished washers/bolts (very popular), gearbox nuts, various TT/RN carburettor parts, SOHC Oil Pipes/breather pipes, Racing oil taps (for wrapround tanks) and many more items.

Also - many items in the pipeline - most notably, I have now been able to confirm a new order of all our shims (including a couple of new ones) - these should be ready in the next 4 weeks and Steph will contact those customers already waiting when available.  Finally - we are also in progress on a batch of pre-war alloy gearlevers as fitted to early (possibly Works) Manx Nortons - expect 4 to 6 weeks on these - to fit Inters and M30/Manx, with Norton pre-AMC gearbox spline.


25/11/19 : Latest News - New: Black Felt (for Bearings etc) and Felts Kits

- If like me, you have had to make up special Felt washers to protect bearings, or have made up wool felt swabs, for instance - for Norton SOHC cambox leaks and primary chains, you will know that finding suitable good quality wool felt is difficult.  Therefore we have recently introduced good quality UK supplied black wool felt, in various thicknesses, for this purpose.  We have also made some small sections of 6mm thick felt (a thickness not easily available - but ideal for making the special felt washers often fitted to protect headstock bearings or dirt from getting in chaincases or swinging arms).  We also offer a kit with a variety of all thicknesses, as well as a special marker pen - of the type I like to use for this purpose.

All can be found in our Gaskets section here: Bearings Section


05/11/19 : Latest News - Racing Mudguards Steel/Alloy - Back In Stock!

- I mentioned last week we were expecting our next batch of steel 'racing/sports' section mudguards due shortly.  For once I got my timescales right and they are now in and available (see listings 0306 and 0307 in our Wheels section)!.  As hoped, our manufacturer has also done for us another small batch of alloy mudguards as well - identical to the steel items but in light alloy, suitable for Vincent Black Lightning/Grey Flash reps, or Norton's as well if you  like alloy rather than steel.  These are item listings 0305F and 0305R.  Not sure, how quickly the alloy ones will go this time - but if you are interested, suggest you get in fast, as much smaller quantities of these available. 

25/11/19: By the way - with this new batch we have also had some rear mudguard brackets made to fit under the rear mudguards - see Item 0842 in the same section.

Note: We send mudguards out in heavyweight boxes - therefore post+packing a bit more expensive, but worth it to avoid dents etc.  

See listings here: Fork and Wheel Parts


16/10/19 : Latest News - Product Re-Stocks: Brake Pins and Solid State Regs

- We have just manufactured a new batch of OHV/SV Rear Brake pins (as well as Inter and M30/M40).  These proved very popular last time and the OHV/SV type soon ran out - so this time we have also manufactured a phospher bronze bearing to update your worn brake pedal at the same time! (OHV/Inter type and M30 type) -

See listings here: Fork and Wheel Parts

- Additionally, we have just had a new batch of Solid State regulators arrive, that had been out of stock for  a while - find them here: Solid State Regulators

29/09/19 : Latest News - New Product - Gardengate Plunger Spring Set

Pleased to be able to offer these UK manufactured Gardengate chassis plunger rear springs - with an original unmolested set of Norton springs used as the pattern, to ensure correct dimensions/poundage.

See listing here: Plunger Spring Set

28/09/19 : Latest News - New Product - Douglas 2 3/4hp Fork Spindle Set

A set of stainless steel fork spindles, castellated nuts, washers/split pins to fit the early type forks fitted to Douglas 2 3/4hp models from 1912-19. Original Douglas spindles and nuts used as the template.  All CNC manufactured by us in stainless steel.

See listing here: Douglas Early Fork Spindle Kit 

19/09/19 : Latest News - SOHC Cams & Fork Rebound Rubbers back in stock!

19/9: We have just had in a new batch of girder fork Rebound Rubbers - which fit both Norton and Velocette models (those fitted with the useful Rebound Rubber mod - see item listing to see what these look like).  We will be contacting customers waiting for these in the next week, but if you want to order some they are here:   Fork and Wheel Section

12/9: Norton Cams Back In Stock!:  Following a long wait, I am pleased say that we have just had a new delivery of Model 30M, International Model 30 and Model 40/40M cams this week - all are now back in stock, and price stays the same as the last 2014 batch.  All cams come with timing/assembly information.

Go to the Cambox Section to purchase these cams: Cambox Section


Homepage format change - October 2019:

If you previously visited this page you will know we also listed previous newsletters and a history of recent changes.  This was replicating the information we also held on the New Products and Restocks page.

So going forward - every 3 months (approximately!), we will clear down recent reststocks and previous Newsletters link from this homepage, but the full history of both will be available from this page:

New Products & Restocks


Site Status: We Are Currently Open 

But please read our Terms of Business from 2019:

20/10/19:  We are currently open and operating as normal, but please bear in mind we are only a small business - operated by just myself and my daughter Stephanie - who deals with all the online orders.

Apologies in advance, but we can only take new orders through this online website - as it generates all the order paperwork.

Once you have placed an order online, Stephanie will contact you back by email (normally within 5 days) to confirm the order has been placed and will be dealt with as soon as possible, but bear in mind that at busy periods (or when Stephanie is on holiday is on holiday or ill) this may take longer, and that big orders invariably take some time to prepare.

A final point - although we try hard to keep our Product listings up to date - many items sell very quickly and some items you have ordered may not be available.  Apologies if this is the case, but please bear this in mind when placing orders and Steph will normally check with me to find out when a re-stock is due.

Best wishes, 

Paul Norman, October 2019

If we are closed: the ‘Items’ button on the left of the screen will not be present - to prevent items being ordered.  If this is the case – please read the note below for opening times.  It means we are dealing with a backlog (or family illness etc), of orders and will take your email address and email you so you know when the catalog is back up – to ensure you are prioritised as the next person in the queue.


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Terms and Conditions


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In the rare event we are temporarily not taking new orders, it is likely because of family illness.  If this is the case I will post an update at the top of this homepage and we will disable the Order Items function.  At this time If you wish to place a new order and want further information on when we will next be open, then please email the following address:

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Please do not send technical queries to any of the other email addressesthey will be ignored without exception.

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