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29/09/19 : Latest News - New Product - Gardengate Plunger Spring Set

Pleased to be able to offer these UK manufactured Gardengate chassis plunger rear springs - with an original unmolested set of Norton springs used as the pattern, to ensure correct dimensions/poundage.

See listing here: Plunger Spring Set

28/09/19 : Latest News - New Product - Douglas 2 3/4hp Fork Spindle Set

A set of stainless steel fork spindles, castellated nuts, washers/split pins to fit the early type forks fitted to Douglas 2 3/4hp models from 1912-19. Original Douglas spindles and nuts used as the template.  All CNC manufactured by us in stainless steel.

See listing here: Douglas Early Fork Spindle Kit 

19/09/19 : Latest News - SOHC Cams & Fork Rebound Rubbers back in stock!

19/9: We have just had in a new batch of girder fork Rebound Rubbers - which fit both Norton and Velocette models (those fitted with the useful Rebound Rubber mod - see item listing to see what these look like).  We will be contacting customers waiting for these in the next week, but if you want to order some they are here:   Fork and Wheel Section

12/9: Norton Cams Back In Stock!:  Following a long wait, I am pleased say that we have just had a new delivery of Model 30M, International Model 30 and Model 40/40M cams this week - all are now back in stock, and price stays the same as the last 2014 batch.  All cams come with timing/assembly information.

Go to the Cambox Section to purchase these cams: Cambox Section


17/08/19 Latest Newsletter - New and Restocked Parts:

Hi Everyone, sorry it has taken a while - but have now managed to get the latest Newsletter completed, showing recent re-stocks, new products and new stuff in progress.  I also have a few new articles I need to get done - will try to get these done this year! 

Newsletter 29 - Summer 2019 (posted 17/8/19)


If you have any queries on parts you are waiting for, or trying to find for your SOHC (or OHV/SV) Norton, email us on our normal email 

best regards

Paul Norman  (and Steph Norman - whos does our mail order)


15/04/18 Latest Newsletter - New and Restocked Parts:

Hi Everyone, a very busy last few months both manufacturing and restocking, following a difficult 2017.  See our latest Newsletter below:

Newsletter 28 - Spring 2018 (posted 15/4/18)

Best wishes 

Paul Norman.  15/10/2017


14/06/17 Previous Newsletter Here:

To see the latest new products, what is back in stock and just a general Spring 2017 update, see latest Newsletter poster here:

Newsletter 27 - Spring 2017 (posted 25/5/17)


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My daughter Stephanie manages the office and the mail order side of the business (part time) – so you should see her reply to most emails.  She is very friendly and efficient – but is not a motorcycle person – so please bear this in mind when emailing on our Sales email. We try very hard to keep our customers informed, but because of the number of orders we receive - sometimes it may take time to come back to you, but all orders placed will get responded to, please bear this in mind when placing orders - after an automated acknowledgement email, it may take some time - but we will respond to you when Steph gets to your order, thank you.

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Here is our latest Newsletter, summarising 2016 and an update on on latest news: Newsletter26


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