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04/07/24 : Latest New Product - Original AMAC Type Main Jets

If you have a belt drive or flat tank model fitted with an early Amac carb - and you are struggling to find the correct main jets (they are not a common jet to find -  and their numbering is different to the later Amal jets) - we have just introduced a small range of Amac main jets in some of the most popular sizes:

  Item 1242: AMAC Main Jets         1242_1b_small

10/06/24 : Spring/Summer 2024 Newsletter - At Last

Finally got the latest Newsletter finished - and only 2 months late!  Actually - still a lot more to update on, but decided to just get this one out as is, and put the other stuff into the next Newsleter - which might (or might not . . .) follow shortly!

Newsletter 43: Spring/Summer 2024:   Spring/Summer 2024 Newsletter

Best wishes Paul.  

30/05/24 : Re-Stocks And Reminder on Email Contact

First of all, just a reminder that I am still working on my own - doing the online orders, as well as manufacturing and supply side (my daughter is currently on materntity leave) - therefore if placing an order with us, or needing any update on order status - it is my email to contact us on -  - and I will endeavour to reply to you within 3 working days.

Our normal sales email - is not being monitored at the moment, it is just providing online order status updates.

Because I am working on my own - orders are still taking between 3-4 weeks to process, but please be assured I am dealing with them as quickly as I can - and will be happy to update you if you need to know the status of your order.

I have also continued to keep new stock and re-manufactured batch's coming through continually, so if you need an update on any parts showing out of stock - again, just email me for an update.  I am half way through writing an (ever growing!) Newsletter . . . but only so many hours in the day, sorry!

Best wishes

Paul Norman  

20/04/24 : Re-Stocks Coming On-line and New Stocks in Pipeline

Because I have totally failed to get the Newsletter out, that I promised to do below - just wanted to let customers know that we have re-stocked numerous 'Out of Stock' Items, and I have been continuing to do so all the last 6 months my daughter has been off work - just not as quickly as I would normally be doing it!

As an example - 3 weeks ago we finally got completed a new batch of SOHC cylinder studs (350cc/500cc/600cc) - see link below, which are to go with the very pretty SOHC Head/Sleeve Bolts we had back into stock at Xmas - both in stainless steel:

Crankcase Studs








SOHC Crankcase Studs and Sleeve Bolts - BACK IN STOCK



There are lots of other popular items currently being re-manufactured, and many others already back in stock - email me on if you want to check on anything.

FYI - I am starting to slowly reduce the lead time of processing online orders (currently approx 3 weeks) - but am still working on my own, so please bear this in mind, my daughter will be off for some months yet.

Newsletter will follow shortly - no really!

Best wishes

Paul Norman


28/03/24 : Online Order Lead Time: Approx 4 Weeks - Please Be Aware

Despite best efforts - due to the number of orders we have received since Xmas (and that I am now working on my own, my daughter will be off work for some time yet) - the lead time on all Online orders is approxiimately 4 weeks

You may want to consider this if only placing a small order - sorry, but I am processing orders strictly in the order they are placed - I hope you understand.

As stated below - I will get to your order and will always respond to you by email (no exceptions to this) - but if you want an update on how far away I am from dealing with your order - you can email me on

Best wishes 



08/03/24 : Brief Update - Open - But Orders have Min 15 Days Turnaround

Just a further update to let customers know - I am still working on my own (see below - my daughter is offering moral support and pictures of new grandaughter, but will be off work for some time yet) - but despite working very hard to reduce the backlog - orders are currently being picked about 15 days after they are placed - so please expect this turnaround time . . . and feel free to email me on if you need an update on approximately how far away I am from your order. . . I take them strictly in the order they are placed.

On the supply and manufacturing side - we have also re-stocked numerous out of stock parts in the last 3 months, and I have even CNC'd some new batch's of our most popular parts - but have not had chance to finish latest Newsletter.

Best wishes


13/02/24 : Family Update - And Some Goods News At Last


As many of our customers know - Steph (my younger daughter), who has ran the mail order side of our RacingNorton office for the last 6 years, has been unwell and unable to work for the last 5 months - as part of a difficult pregnancy and diabetes related issues.

Well, it gives me great pleasure to be able to give an update - that last Friday morning - Steph gave birth (with help from her partner Brad!) to a beautiful 6.5lb baby girl - called Nova - and both baby and mum are back home now and doing well.

Being just a small family business - and with Steph having not been able to work for some time - we apologise that orders are taking much longer to process than normal (up to 15 days from the order being placed is the current approximate time), but we just wanted to thank all those customers who have asked after Steph - and hope you will excuse us for sharing the good news with you all.

And of course - my wife Sandy and I are very proud - even if it is does feel rather strange to now be being called Grandma and Grandad!

I have a small Newsletter update here, with a few photos of Steph and family:

Newsletter No 42b - Steph Update

And finally - I will try and get the next Newsletter out in the next 3 weeks, detailing new and re-stocked parts currently in progress

Best wishes

Paul Norman.  13/2/24


18/01/24 : Brief Update - We Are Open - But Orders Taking Longer

Just a quick update to let customers know - We have been really busy through December and January, and as I am still working on my own (my daughter is still off work) . . . orders are currently being picked about 15 days after they are placed . . . really sorry it is taking this long - but it is not for the lack of trying!  Have no fear though - every order is being responded to and I am going as fast as I can!

Also, to answer a question I have been asked by some customers - I have not yet implemented the '£10 Deposit when order placed' process, as I have not had time . . . but I would still appreciate if you could email me on if you wish to cancel an order because it is taking too long - thank you.

Best wishes



28/12/23 : Wishing Customers Happy New Year - and New Newsletter

First and foremost - I would like to wish all our customers and visitors Festive Best Wishes and a Happy New Year - from Steph and myself at RacingNorton.

But also, I wanted to let customers know - I have just published our latest Newsletter which there is a link to below, and as well as listing recent Re-Stocks - it also gives an update on our current business ways of working:

Newsletter No 42: Autumn/Winter 2023: Newsletter No 42 Autumn/Winter 2023

And finally - please can I remind customers I am still working on my own, while my daughter is off work (pregnancy) - so the changes shown below still apply if you are going to be placing an order with us - but I am working through orders as quickly as I can.

Best wishes 

Paul Norman.  


11/12/23 : Upcoming Changes To Our Online Order Process – Please Read

Please Note: from 01/01/2024 we will be changing our Online Order Checkout Process – and will request a £10.00 deposit to be placed on every order, for it to be confirmed and continue.

Because our E-Shop functionality does not have functionality to take a Deposit, our checkout process will clearly state that a deposit request, through Paypal Invoicing, will be emailed to the customer within 24 hours of the online order being placed – and if the deposit is not made within 48 hours of that being sent – then the online order will be cancelled and closed with no further correspondence to the customer being made.

Why are we introducing this change to our process?

  • Almost every other online website requests full payment on checkout.  We prefer not to do this – because many of our customer orders are for a large and varied selection of parts – and we need to confirm the customer has not requested (and paid) for parts showing out of stock – and to ensure that we can accurately quote the ACTUAL postage cost, based on final weight – we only charge P+P at cost and this can vary hugely by actual weight or the country the package is to be delivered to
  • We are finding an increasing number of customers are placing an online order – but incorrectly entering their email address, therefore when we prepare their order and send a final invoice for payment – we find it is not being answered and the email is failing as the customer email address given on the order is invalid.
  • Unfortunately – in the last 12 months we have seen a rising number of instances where a customer places an online order – but then does not respond to any further correspondence we send them and ignores the final request for payment – despite us having already picked and packed the parts.  Not only does this cost us wasted time and packaging – but it also means that those customers who have placed valid orders are delayed.  We have always held the belief that not taking money up front, at checkout – was to the benefit of the customer . . . but if that is being abused – and delaying other customer orders, then we need to change the process.

Will The Deposit Be Deducted from The Final Invoice Total?

  • Yes – this payment is a deposit on the total order and P+P amount only, it will be deducted from the final payment invoice.  E.g. if the final amount for the order is £40.00 and P+P = £5.00 (a total of £45.00) – then the final invoice (after £10 deposit paid) will be for a further £35.00
  • If the final order and P+P amount equates to less than £10.00, then we will refund the customer the difference between the £10.00 deposit and final order/postage amount.
  • This will not affect the customers statutory right to cancel their order within 14 days (providing they email us correctly to cancel the order) – and they will receive a deposit refund
  • If after making the deposit, the customer does not respond to any further emails or invoice requests, after 14 days the deposit will be non-returnable.

If you require any more information or wish to query anything above with us – then I can be emailed on the following email:

Best wishes

Paul Norman.  December 2023.



29/11/23 : Reminder on Family Illness - Online Order Turnaround Time

Please can I remind all customers that due to my daughter being off (who would normally process all online orders, while I do the manufacturing) I am having to do all tasks myself - including processing all orders.

Our backlog is currently about 10 Working days, and I will update the status of your order to 'In Progress' when I get to it.

And Note - I will definitely get to your order and update you I am dealing with orders in the order they were placed, as quickly as I can

If you need an order to be dealt with in a hurry -  then I am sorry, but please do not place the order with us, we will not be able to help you - and I would rather you are not disappointed, hope you understand.

Our Current Email Address - please read:  While I am dealing with orders - my main email address is - so please use that email if you need to query an order already in progress.

Our 'normal' email is not currently being monitored - but it is being used to send out automated ORDER STATUS updates, as I process an order - please bear this in mind.

I will be posting a Newsletter in the near future on this page, to give a further update, and likely changes to our Online Order Process in the new year.

Best wishes and apologies for those that are waiting longer than normal, 

Paul Norman


12/11/23 : New Item for Norton OHV/SV Owners - Norton/Amal type bellmouth intake and Gauze Filter Assembly - As Original Design

I am pleased we are now able to offer the distinctive Norton/Amal carburettor bellmouth/ mesh gauze assembly - as fitted to most roadgoing Norton OHV and SV models fitted with the Amal 76/276 carburettor from the 1930s-1950s.

We can offer two variations, as well as all the components seperately - click on link below to take you to the listing:

Matt_filter_v_Small   Norton/Amal OHV and SV Models Air Filter Assembly


11/11/23 : Reminder on Family Illness - Online Order Turnaround Time

I just wanted to remind customers - we still have family illness, and unfortunately my daughter whom normally processes online orders will be off work for some time yet.

I am still processing orders myself in her absence (as well as all other manufacturing tasks) - but please be aware - our backlog is currently about 8-10 days, and I will update the status of your order to 'In Progress' when I get to it.

You will receive automated Order updates from our 'sales' email, but please be aware that email account is not currently being monitored, as I mention below - email me on if you need to query an order status.

Please ensure you email me on if you wish to cancel your order, before I have emailed you back - as I hope you will understand - picking and packing your order and calculating postage etc can take some considerable time and

effort on our part . . . and even if it takes a while I have been doing this for every order in the last two months my daughter has been off, thank you.

Best wishes,


20/10/23 : Stainless Steel Gearbox Endplate Nuts (0099) - Back in Stock

Just completed a new batch of these very popular endplate nuts:

0099_6b_200 Click on photo to take you to this item.

18/10/23 : Interim Update - Family Illness and Order Turnaround Time

Hi, just a quick update to customers to say that we are still open and taking orders as normal - but as my daughter is not well enough to come back to work - I am still processing them myself, alongside the manufacturing/supply side.  

Because of this, orders are taking a bit longer to process - expect approximately 1 week from placing the order for me to start processing.

And as I state below - currently, our 'sales' email is not being monitored (except for automatic order updates) - instead query on paul.norman@racingvincent if you need an order update

thx. Paul. 

04/10/23 : Latest Newsletter and Family Illness Update 

I have had this Newsletter ready to publish for the last week, but held off while we have family illness - however we are still taking orders . . . so here it is, hope there is something there to interest you, and I ran out of room, so will follow up with another in the next 6 weeks.

Newsletter No 41 Autumn 2023:

Placing Online Orders:

Note that the details below still apply - my daughter is still ill in hospital - so I am dealing with orders myself . . . and the email address if you need to query on the status of your order is:

Our normal email may send out automated order updates - but is not currently being monitored.

Best wishes

Paul Norman


01/10/23 : Family Illness - Further Update (For Online Orders) 

Please note, we are open and we are processing new orders - but my daughter whom normally deals with those orders is still in hospital - so I am currently processing orders

myself, as well as the manufacturing side - so be aware that orders may take longer than normal to process

Most importantly - our email address is not currently being


For the moment, if you have an order in process and want an update - you can email me directly at

Best wishes,

Paul Norman


26/09/23 : Family Illness Update - PLEASE READ IF PLACING AN ORDER 

I am sorry to say that my daughter Steph (who normally does all our Mail Order, and answers our '' email) was taken ill at the weekend (23/9/23) and is currently in hospital.

Therefore, although our website is still open and you can place an order with us - there may be some delay until we can process your order - or respond on the 'sales' email.


I will provide an update, once we are back operating as normal - and all orders should have been up to date (up to 23/9) - but if you have an Order already in process, and have not received an update - you can email me directly at

(but please do not use this email address for any other non-current order queries, thx)

Best wishes

Paul Norman


07/09/23 : Rev Clock Drive Nuts and a Few more . . . 

I have finally completed a batch of magneto sprocket nuts with extended slot for rev clock drive - Norton original part number A11M/80 . . . qjuite time consuming but also nice.

Actually quite a lot of additional magneto related parts to update you on, as well as a few other restocks and new parts - but will just add to the next Newsletter - unless you can find them in the catalog yourself!

See Magneto nuts here:


Best wishes 


24/08/23 : Further New and Re-Stocked Products

A small update to say we have been working away at re-stocks - Air Slide Kits to fit original Amal TT/RN carbs are now back in stock (Item 0149), as well as the original distinctive knurled cable adjusters for the same carbs (Items 0874 and 0871).


Also an interesting new facsimile - a colour reproduction of the 1947 Product Range:

       1179_small2    click on thumbnail to see listing

Other updates to follow in the next week or two, including a few interesting new parts that are Work In Progress

Best wishes. Paul

09/08/23 : A Couple of New Products  . . .

Hi Folks, below are a couple of new products which may be of interest, but also a few other out of stock items now back in as well, will confirm list in next Newsletter:


Copper Carb Floats To Fit Original Amal 76/276 and TT/RN Carbs - Original Style (Item 0458):

0458_Small Click photo to see listing

These copper floats are manufactured in the same way as the original Amal Type 14 floats - as fitted to the Amal 76/276, 89/289, Amal TT and RN carbs - with seperate float chambers.  They are very time consuming to manufacture, so initially we only have a small batch available, but should have a further batch ready in near future


SOHC Magneto Mounts Nuts/Bolts and Lucas/BTH Mount Studs - Stainless Steel:

These SOHC Magneto Nuts and Extra Long Nuts have been on the To Do list for a long time - finally got a batch of them out along with two types of platform magneto mount studs:

Click photo to go to the section these are in: magneto_studs_and_nuts_small


20/07/23 : Interim Update

Hi everyone, just to let you know we have been busy restocking and manufacturing batch's of many parts in the last few weeks - I will be aiming to get another Newsletter out in August - but also worth checking the individual Item Listing if any parts you specifically need - if still showing 'Out of Stock' - it is worth emailing us on to check when due in again - as we have a long CNC backlog!

In current progress - the latest batch of 0248 Norton Single ' One Way Valves', expected in next two weeks 

Further update 27/7/23- Batch now finished and back on sale, click photo for link:


And one more thing - OHV Pushrod Tubes/Nuts for 1930-37 OHV and 1938-47 OHV Models:

See photograph here:               OHV_Pre-War_Pushrod_Tubes



I am planning to be making a batch of both types of tubes and nuts in the next 3 months, and we are taking pre-orders for these now . . . as it will give me some idea of batch size to aim for.

Tubes are from high quality seamless stainless steel tube (bottom flange will be silver soldered in place, not swaged).  Nuts will be CNC manufactured by us from correct Imperial spanner size stainless steel bar - both types will follow original dimensions exactly and should greatly enhance the look of an engine if your originals are tired and worn (as are the originals in the photo)

Again - email us on for more details and likely prices



07/06/23 : Latest Newsletter Now Available 

Hi everyone, hope you are well, I have finally got the latest Newsletter uploaded - and available to view here:

RacingNorton Newsletter No40:  Spring 2023


We hope you find something of interest in it for you.

I will also be emailing this out to everyone on our Newsletter Subscription in the next two days.

And in the mean time - we are still working on re-stocking many out of stock (or some new) parts - so please keep an eye on this homepage - we will post smaller updates on here in the coming weeks.

Finally - you will notice, there is a picture of a CNC machine in the Newsletter that takes you to an Article on our RacingVincent website - apologies, that article is not quite finished yet - but should be in the next week.

I am going to endeavour to start writing more articles or short weekly updates (I dont really like the word 'Blogs') on the site again . . . but please dont hold me to it - I say a lot of things I mean to do, then dont get time to do it!


Best wishes all, and safe riding,

Paul (and Steph) Norman



31/01/23 : January 2023 Update and Latest Newsletter 

First of all - A belated Happy New Year 2023 from Steph and myself to you all! . . . and hope you are all getting chance to work on your favourite motorcycle projects, and also get out for the odd ride.

We have been busy here at RacingNorton .. . although unfortunately some CNC machinery issues since Xmas have been slowing us down - but hopefully, we are now starting to resolve some of them.

And just to give you a Heads Up on what has been going on - here is our latest Newsletter for you to read:


Please find the latest Racing Newsletter here:

Newsletter No39 - January 2023

Best Wishes 

Paul and Steph 


25/11/22 : Norton OHV Pushrods 1929-1947 - Custom Length Order Now! 

We are in the process of making up OHV Pushrods of both the 1929-37 non-adjustable type (Item 1124) and the later (and now quite rare) 1938-47 adjustable type (Item 1125).  We are already making the definitive (i.e. 500cc) lengths we know about - but there were variations for both types . . .so if you think you will shortly need either of these pushrod varieties, then now is the time to talk to us - so that we can make them to your requirement at the same time!

See below a picture of both types and a link for each one.  If you have a requirement - even if you think it may be the standard size - now is the time to email us on as I will be moving on to other tasks in the next week!, thx:

1929-37 OHV Non-Adjustable Type Pushrod (Item 1124): Item 1124 1929-37 Pushrods

1938-47 OHV Adjustable Type Pushrod (Item 1125): Item 1125 - 1938-47 Pushrods



10/11/22 : Gardengate Plunger Rear Cover Sets - Reserve/Pre-Order Now! 

We are now in the process of having another small batch of Gardengate rear plunger spring covers manufactured, in stainless steel - from the same manufacturer as our last batch that sold out 10 months ago.

See the listing here:

Item 0906: Gardengate Spring Covers

Please email us immediately on if you wish to Pre-Order a set . . . these are very expensive to manufacture - so we need to confirm metal quantities in the next 10 days (it will only be a small batch).  The price showing is the previous price last year - expect this to rise by at least 10%, but if you do require them we can confirm the price before requesting a deposit

03/11/22 : New In-Stainless Steel 16H Head Nuts and Early OHV Barrel Nuts 

We have a selection of new OHV and SV Stainless steel Head/Barrel Nuts and studs in, which are very pretty.  Sorry but - price of stainless steel/CNC manufacture has risen steeply in last year, but hope these of interest:

- Sidevalve 16H and Big 5 Cylinder Head Nuts:  SV Head Nuts

- Amd see our OHV/SV Section for other New Parts: OHV/SV Section

- And numerous 1920's/30's CS1/OHV  Rocker Adjuster and Pushrod Parts: 1920's/30s Parts 

28/10/22 : Latest Autumn 2022 Newsletter ... with more to follow shortly

Please find the latest Racing Newsletter here:

Newsletter No38 - Autumn 2022

In addition, there are numerous new and re-stocked items that are also in the process of being prepared and listed at the moment - I am expecting to post further updats and another Newsletter here in the next 4 weeks, Best Wsihes.

Paul 28/1/0/22

28/10/22 : Family Illness Update - We are Open, But Read Update

A week ago I posted an update that my daughter had illness again, and some orders could be delayed.

She has actually been back at work since this Tuesday - so orders are being processed - but please be aware she may need further time off and is still not fully recovered - so orders and email may be slower than normal . . . please bear this in mind if placing orders - I will post a further update here if required.

Due to other family issues and bereavement - I may also be less available to answer emails through Novemeber - again please bear this in mind if trying to email me,

Best wishes

Paul Norman


10/10/22 : 'Wot?! - Still No Newsletter?? - But An Update On Latest Parts: 

I am sorry, but not finding time to update the Autumn 2022 Newsletter . . . but that is only because have been too busy on manufacturing side . . . and hopefully, am trying to prepare tiny premises for a new machine addition in the next 4 weeks . .. a small CNC vertical mill (for some of the smaller castings we do - which have become prohibitively expensive to get done externally in recent times) - more on this machine when I actually have it on-site and installed . . . but just prepping room for it is taking a lot of time.

I just wanted to let customers know that - although I have not listed them yet, the following new or re-stocked parts are back with me and will be available shortly.  Sorry . . . have not put links to them below - but if you are interested in any of the below and want more details, either use our 'Contact Form' option on the left bar, or email us on . . . daughter Steph will pass on your email to me.

Here are some of the parts currently being sorted for listing, or preparing in the next 4 weeks for sale:

- Competition Levers:  Items 0330 and 0331: Most already pre-sold, but a few sets may be available . . . email quickly for details . . . I will update listings with new price and 'In Stock' when avail early Nov.

- All types of Norton Sump Plugs . .. now back from Satin Nickel Plating - they look lovely. Item(s) 1101

- Norton Gearbox Selector Plunger and Springs.  Item 1010 - very popular, now back in stock

- 1920's - 1930's OHV Pushrod Assemblies , two types - 1920s to mid 30's non adjustable and late 30's/40's adjustable type. . . originals extermely rare, these will be identical.  Reserve now as first batch quantities will be limited

- 1920's - 1930's Rocker adjusters (i.e. those models that have adusters in the rockers) - various types for Mod 18 and Walter Moore CS1

- Amal TT/RN type pilot adjuster knobs .  .. both pre-war and post war type - both identical to originals

- Amal 'seperate floatchamber' type tickler assemblies . . .i.e - both 276/289/TT/RN floatchamber and later 301 floatchamber type assemblies available - again, identical to original assemblies.

Lost of other bits . . . to follow in Newsletter

Finally. . . I will shortly be updating the web site with a new 'Used Parts' section - where I will be selling a selection of used Norton single parts going forward - SV, OHV and CS1 or SOHC parts.  If yiou have second hand parts to sell in the future, I may be interested in purchasing - my email for these is . . . and I will try and give a fair Trade price for any parts we purchase.

13/07/22 : Norton Sump Plugs Galore!: 

Hi Everyone, I have spent the last month or two machining Norton single cylinder Sump Plugs - both for engine and gearbox, of the main types I believe were fitted bettween 1930 and 1961 - and in many variations, including lockwired and 'machined head' (racing) types.  They are all now listed in a rather substantial single Item listing - with a drop down of all the variations, spare washer/seals and an accompanyning table of information - listing the fitment of each, to the best of my knowledge.  

At this point, all the 1/4 BSP type are in brass (an original finish sometimes) - but I will be looking to get many of them satin nickel plated in the next 2 months - so just drop an email or note when ordering if wishing to reserve a 'plated' example.  And also - feel free to contact me if you know of other variations, see them here:

Item 1101-xx: ​Norton Engine and Sump Plugs: Norton Single Sump Plugs Variable Listing


27/06/22 : Latest Newsletter And June Update: 

Hi Everyone, 

Latest Spring/Summer Newsletter available here, showing our latest new products, and lots of restocks of popular parts that had gone out of stock.  I could not get everything on, so will be doing a smaller 'Part 2' as well in the next two weeks:

Newsletter No37: Spring Summer 2022 - Part 1


14/06/22 : New Youtube Video - 1939 M30 Manx Build Part 4:

Well, I am still working on the latest Newsletter - with a few interesting new parts, and many re-stocks . . . but in the meantime I have managed to upload the next video in the 1939 Manx M30 project build, please find it here - and give it a 'Like' if you can stay awake through it!, thanks:

Youtube - 1939 Manx M30 Build - Part 4: 1939 Manx M30 Build - Part 4

17/05/22 : Magneto and Electrical Section Updates:

Among other re-stocks, I am currently making new batch's of a number of small parts from our magneto section, I will be updating the relevent stock counts, and Steph contacting customers waiting, as soon as they are complete. 

I have also been listing some other new electrical items that came in some time ago, but i have not had a chance to list them until now.  As normal, i have tried to take as many photographs as possible and give more background detail than you might find for similar items elsewhere.  Having now done this, I notice our original electrical/magneto section was starting to look quite cluttered . . . so I have now split out our original magneto section, to just include BTH/Lucas magneto parts and HT parts - and created a new Electrical Category for all other electrical parts - you can find it here:

New Norton Electrical Parts Category:        Norton Electrical Parts


16/05/22 : New Youtube Videos - 1939 M30 Manx Build and VSCC Mallory:

I have finally got round to putting together an updae on my 1939 Manx project - mainly an update on the chassis build work done in 2021 - before I move on to the Manx engine work I have been doing since Nov 2021.  I will try and add further updates much quicker than I have been doing recently.

Additionally, I published some photos and video footage from a really nice Mallory VSCC (Vintage Sports Car Club) meeting I attended last year - showing how the 3 and 4 wheel vintage brigade enjoy a day out:

1939 Manx 500cc Build Video:             Pre War 1939 Manx Norton Build - Part 3

VSCC August 2021 Mallory Meeting:      VSCC Aug 2021 Mallory Mtg


05/05/22 : General Update - Including New Parts and Re-Stocks Update:

I am pleased to say that both Steph and I have now fully recovered from Covid and our office is back open (at least it is to Steph . . . she does not like me going in it!) and processing customer orders normally.

We have also been busy in the last 3 months continuing with major re-stocks of many of our more popular parts - i.e. mudguardss, wheel rims and spokes and many of our specially CNC manufactured Norton and Douglas parts.

I too am very busy on our CNC machine and am trying to manufacture new batch's of some of our popular out of stock items - and will continue to do so as fast as I can.

I will endeavour to get a Newsletter out to cover these re-stocks, and numerous smaller new parts, in the next four weeks - but keep an eye on our online catalog, I am updating it constantly 

Best Wishes

Paul Norman

07/04/22 : Family Illness - Covid - Office Closed, But Online Orders Can Still be Placed:

Please note - my daughter Steph (who manages all customer orders) tested Positive to Covid 2 days ago, and our office is now closed, we will not be processing any new customer orders for the next few days. 

You can still place online orders - BUT PLEASE BE AWARE THAT WE WILL NOT BE PROCESSING THEM UNTIL OUR OFFICE IS OPEN AGAIN - I will post another update here when I know more, apologies in advance.

For anyone that has already paid for Invoiced orders this week - I will be contacting you to provide an update tomorrow (once I have visited our office myself).  If you have already paid for an order, and need an update - I can be contacted on  . . . but please only email me if regarding orders already paid for, thank you.

Best wishes

Paul Norman


06/04/22 : New Mudguards Batch Now In - and other Re-Stocks: 

We are currently re-stocking a large quantity of our 'Out of Stock Products' (and have been all through February and March). 

For those that have seen that our competition mudguards (in Steel and Alloy) have been out of stock for some time - These came back into stock this week (and also a new bracket type) - they can be found in our 'Fork and Wheels' Section as normal:  Fork and Wheel Section

I will issue a Newsletter showing all recent Re-Stocks in mid April (hopefully!)

Please note though - my daughter Steph (on our Sales email) is ill again this week, and therefore may not be answering emails or processing new orders for the next few days - please bear with us, as always.

Best Wishes



8/03/22 :  Paypal Invoicing Introduced: 


I am pleased to let our customers know that we have now introduced Paypal Invoicing for all online orders - and from 7/3/22 this will be the method we use to invoice all orders.  We still accept direct bank payments and cheques as before, for those customers who are already paying that way, but our new process will have the following benefits:

  • When your order is ready - we send you a Paypal Invoice by email - which has a link allowing you to pay online through a Paypal payment gateway - quick and easy
  • As well as being able to pay from an existing paypal account (if you have one), this method also accepts payment from most standard Debit and Credit cards
  • Attached to the Paypal Invoice, we will also provide a finalised electronic copy of your online order - including postage breakdown and any 'Stock Outs' information
  • This method offers all the normal benefits of Paypal protection
  • For those that prefer - we will still continue to accept direct bank transfer or cheque

We have introduced this payment change in response to custmer demand - as we understand many customers are used to the quick and easy methods of making payment online.  The nature of our business means it is not practical to take payment at the time the order is placed - but we hope customers will agree this will make paying for Orders far easier ongoing, and please let us know what you think of it in hte coming weeks

Best wishes

Paul.  MArch 2022


14/02/22 : Family Illness Update - Catching Up Orders and Emails: 

Hi Everyone, my daughter Steph will be back at work on 14/2, after recent illness - and processing Customer Orders on our normal ' email this week.

However, for the next week you may also receive order updates from myself (on, as I have been helping with orders while Steph was ill - so will continue with these for the next week, as we are still very busy and approximately 2 weeks behind.

Apologies if you have not received an update to an order yet - but hopefully you will understand why.

Finally, while Steph was ill - we also bought in additioinal help (which might continue part time) - with a new member of staff - Mick, on a new email ' - at the moment, this will be just to help contact people in the order backlog - but if you receive an email from Mick - then this is why.

We are also in the process of re-stocking many of the popular parts .. . so please follow this homepage for regular updates - as I will try and provide visibility as these come in

Best wishes




29/01/22 : Latest Newsletter And January Update: 

Hi Everyone, 

I have finally got the latest Newsletter done, and as always - it took longer than expected, but it does have quite a few newly manufactured parts in it, that came in over the December and Xmas period, you can find it here:

Newsletter No36: December 2021/January 2022


Also, just to let all our customers know - although Ssteph (my daughter) is now better and back at work, dealing with customer orders - we are still in 'catchup' mode from pre-Xmas orders - and January has been particularly busy with new orders - so thank you very much for your custom, but please just be aware we may still be taking a few days to get back to you after placing your order

Best Wishes all,

Paul Norman



07/11/21 : Latest Newsletter Now Out: Numerous New and Restocked parts:

Hi everyone, I have held off with any smaller updates for the last 2 weeks, becaue I wanted to get the next Newsletter out - which shows all our latest updates . . . finally got that done and posted today.

Hope there is something of interest for most of you, and more parts already coming in for next Newsletter, which I aim to get out in the next 3 weeks . . . so keep an eye on this page for the next update, thx Paul:


Newsletter No35: Autumn 2021


07/09/21 : Post August Break Update and New parts:

Steph and I are now back from a few days holiday break last week - and Steph is catching up on orders - please bear with her if you are waiting for an update on anything - as it has been a busy last month this end, thanks.

From my part - a few days in Norfolk also gave me the chance to start the next Newsletter and also a couple of new RacingVincent articles . .. I will try and get them published by the end of September.

So - back to the grind myself this week, with lots of new parts and re-stocking keeping me busy as well!

Latest new part are Wheel Bearing Lock Rings:  Wheel Hub Lock Ring

25/07/21 : Upright Gearbox Filler Plugs and Others WIP:

We have just completed a nice batch of polished stainless steel gearbox filler plugs for upright gearbox's, including the racing and Inter type for lockwire.  Link for these is here: Upright Gearbox Filler Plugs                                                                                                                     Gearbox_Filler_Plugs_200

We also have a number of re-stocks in - for SOHC engines, we have just had new batch's of 3-Part rocker adjusters (Item 0060), Imperial rocker cages/rollers (previously obsolete - Item 0059F) and hairpin top cup plates (Item 0284). For original Amal TT and RN carbs we also have a number of parts now re-stocked, see the relevent catalog sections for updates.  New TT slides, Gardengate plunger fastenings and many other parts are also WIP, and will be covered in the next Autumn Newsletter. 

29/06/21 : 1920s (Walter Moore) CS1 Valve Cups Now Avail: 

We have just completed the batch of 'Conical' type Valve Spring Cups shown in our last Newsletter.  They are of the type originally fitted to Norton OHV singles and Walter Moore Type SOHC engines in the 1920's - CNC patterned from original items (now almost impossible to find).  We also offer two types of correct valve springs to fit these as well.

You can now find them here in our catalog: 1920's SOHC/OHV Valve Cups



21/06/21 : Summer 2021 Newsletter 

See below the link to the Summer 2021 Newsletter, with lots of new parts and re-stocks. This originally started as the 2nd part of the Spring Newsletter, but as new updates have been added . . . it has now slipped into Summer!:

Newsletter 33 Part 2: Summer 2021 


01/05/21 : Upright Racing ('Works' Type) Gearlevers - Now Available

We have finally completed and listed the first batch of these very pretty and difficult to find alloy gearlevers to fit upright Norton gearbox's - to fit Norton Internationals and Pre-Featherbed Manx Nortons, they can be found here:

Alloy Racing Gearlevers



16/04/21 : Spring 2021 Newsletter (Part 1) - at last . . .

See below the link to the first part of our Spring 2021 Newsletter, with about 70% of our new product updates, re-stocks, and some catalog update information:

Newsletter 33: Spring 2021 (Part 1)

I am still working on Part 2 of the Newsletter, which has a few new interesting products listed (not yet available on catalog), which should be available here in the next two weeks.

Best wishes


15/04/21 : Business as Usual, Re-Stocks and Product Update

I have just noticed that our pre-Easter holiday update was still showing today (despite updating it over a week ago!  . . . that's my story Gov, someone must have changed it back!).

Anyway, regardless, I just wanted to let customers know that Steph has been back in the office for over a week and we are processing orders as normal.  Also, we have had a number of re-stocks come through in the last 4 weeks - and with so many updates, I have split the latest Spring 21 Newsletter into 2 parts - the first part I am looking to publish here tomorrow.

Best wishes

Paul and Steph

19/02/21 : New Douglas 2 3/4hp Parts - Interim Update

I have finally got a few more of our recently manufactured new Douglas parts listed this week.  You can find them here:

Douglas 2 3/4hp (and 4hp) section

10/02/21 : New and Restocked Products - Interim Update

First of all Happy New Year everyone, and apologies we have not porvided any updates since Xmas.  Actually - it has been a very busy but troublesome December/January/Feb  . . . because of mechanical issues with our CNC machinery (which I have now fixed myself - partly due to Covid lockdown), but this has not stopped us being busy in lots of other areas as well.

Since my last update we have had many restocks and new parts in - and I am trying to get a new Newsletter out - which I will post here, but I am pleased to say the CNC machine is now fully back in action, and catching up on a big backlog of Norton and Douglas parts.

For the moment, a couple of things to mention:

- 0911 : CH1 SOHC Engine Cheesehead screw sets:  We completed a new batch last week and Steph will be emailing those waiting next week, but if you want to look and order they are here:

0091: SOHC Engine Cheesehead Screw Set

We have also continued to add lots of new gaskets - particularly OHV and SV single cylinder gaskets.  I still have some work to do on this section yet, but here it is so far:

Gaskets and Gasket Materials

And as mentioned above, I am now very busy on a backlog of CNC manufactured parts and a new newsletter to list some of these.  However, in the next week we should be offering Norton laydown gearbox complete cheesehead fastener and domed nut kits - email us on normal email if you want more info on these

Best wishes


26/12/20 : Festive Greetings and Xmas Card

Merry Xmas everyone.  We were working up to Xmas eve and managed to get our last postage out on Wed 23/12 ok.  Steph is reasonably up to date - but will now be on holiday for a few days  . . . so please excuse us if we do not email you back for a few days  . .. I guess she deserves a holiday!

I did try and send out a Xmas card to all those on our Newsletter list last night . . . but unfortunately the number of email addressed blocked up my email . . . so here is a link to it instead: 

RacingNorton Xmas Card 2020

I have been updating our catalog over the last two weeks with a number of new items - and will be making them visible over the next week, almost done - but was on Xmas dinner duty yesterday!  Hope you all had a good (if quiet) Xmas . . . Santa bought me some new powertools (he must have seen my Santa Wishlist!).

And finally - I got my CNC compressor repaired this week after a couple of recent breakdowns - so hoping to be back making parts in next few days - OHV engine unions and Cheesehead screw sets high on list!

Happy New Year all,



21/12/20 : Last 2020 Postage - Covid and Brexit Updates

Please note - We have been extremely busy for the last six weeks and have been trying very hard to get all customer orders picked as quickly as possible - particularly those for customers in the EEC.

Our last postage run this year is planned for Wednesday 23/12/20 (and we are already at capacity for processing all orders received as at 19/12/20 to hit that postage run).  

However, although we are doing everything we can to get as many orders ready for posting on 23/12 - we cannot guarantee that with the current European Covid travel restrictions being imposed from today - that EEC countries will be allowing imported goods inwards, before 1/1/21 (where Brexit Import Tariff's may apply).

Please bear this in mind - and out of respect to all our valued European customers, if you wish to cancel any online orders already placed but not yet paid for - email us immediately on

Best wishes 

Paul Norman

17/12/20 : Latest Products and Further Updates

Just to let customers know we are in the process of adding more new parts and I will try to provide a latest  Newsletter over the Xmas period.

However as an interim update, since our last update we have added some additional washers and seals, some additional carburettor parts and have just had a new stock of CNC manufactured Bigend and Cambox quills, including those to fit 1938-59 OHV/SV models, which can be found here: OHV and Side Valve Section

04/12/20 : Latest Products and General Update

Hi everyone - hope you all well. 

First of all - just to let you know we have been extremely busy this last month and Steph (who does all the mail orders and customer emails), is trying her very best to get all the orders dealt with - but please be aware, she is struggling to respond to all your emails as quickly as normal.  Please bear this in mind when emailing or placing orders - we will get back to you as quickly as we can - but apologies if any delay.

And also, just to let customers know - we have just listed a whole selection of new single cylinder gaskets, to go with those we already sell.  Particularly - we have now expanded our range of OHV and Side Valve gaskets. 

I am just in the process of re-organising our 'Gasket/Seals' section (and will need to do more in next two weeks) - but most of our new selection can now be found here:

 Revised Gasket Section (including many OHV/Side Valve Gaskets:  Gaskets and Seals Section

Best wishes 

Paul and Steph

28/11/20 : Latest Products and Restocks - Timing Covers And Much WIP

Hi everyone - hope you all well.  Just wanted to update customers that our SOHC timing covers with provision for a rev clock drive are now back in stock - including a few of the 'Works' type in magnesium.  You can find them here:  Timing Case Parts

 We also have many other parts newly re-stocked, with lots more still WIP - I will list in the next Newsletter

Here are a few of the new parts which we are shortly going to be uploading onto the Online Catalog:

- Gaskets - OHV/Sidevalve/Carb: we are just listing a whole section of new gaskets, with background info

- Pre-War Style Rev Clock and Speedo Cables - Black rubber sheathed cables girder forked and comp bikes

- Mid/Late 20's OHV/Walter Moore CS1 Valve Springs and cups

- Douglas/Veteran 1/8" thread petrol taps with filter unit

- Some OHV/SV Timing case parts - including postwar Quills and Cheesehead Screw Sets

Lots of other stuff on the go, but also continuing to re-stock many of our out of stock items all the time - please accept our apologies if you are waiting for anything, some parts are still being impacted by Covid . .  . or just not enough hours in the day!

Best wishes and keep well everyone

Paul and Steph Norman

27/10/20 : Latest Products and Restocks - Headrace Sets and Other Parts

We now have frame/fork Headrace sets available and listed - two types; those to fit Girder fork fitted frames and those to fit postwar Telescopic fork fitted models, find them available here: Fork Part- Headrace Sets

Also, we have just had a new batch of SOHC Rocker Bearing sets in, available here: Rocker Bearings

15/10/20 : Latest Products and Restocks - Newsletter No:32

Hi everyone, finally got the latest Newsletter published - as you will see, we have been busy and also have numerous re-stocks and new products still in then pipeline.

I will look to post more interim updates over the coming weeks

Best wishes all,


Newsletter No32 August/September 2020

12/07/20 : June/July Newsletter No:31 - Latest Products and Restocks

Numerous product updates - Clutch, Girder Fork, Valve Springs etc, See them in this interim Newsletter here:

Newsletter No31 June/July 2020

30/05/20 : V-Log 4 Update: 1939 M30 Project - Plunger Cleanup

Next short V-Log published - cleaning up rear plungers and fitting these and grease nipples to newly painted 1939 M30/Manx project bike, see it here: Video and V-Log Page

28/05/20 : DOHC Seat Cover Kits to Fit early '50's Featherbeds - ltd qty avail

We have just completed assembling the seat kits to fit DOHC Featherbed Manx Norton humped seats, copied faithfully from an original seat, as shown in our latest Newsletter below.  Only limited quantity available, so we wanted to offer them to regular visitors here first.  Find them here:

DOHC Seat Cover Kits

23/05/20 : Latest Newsletter No:30 (at last!)

Finally managed to finish and publish the Newsletter I started back in February!, See it here:

Newsletter No30 Spring 2020

12/05/20 : V-Log Updates 

I have posted a couple of short V-logs yesterday - the links are on our video page:

Video and V-Log page

 And also just a reminder that Steph is on holiday this week, returning Monday 18th May.  She will respond to any new orders received this week then, best wishes, Paul. 

04/05/20 : New Items and Re-Stocks

We now have air adjuster kits back in stock to fit original Amal TT, RN and GP carbs - which are based on the original distinctive items, including cable adjusters which are now also sold seperately:

Parts to Fit Original TT/RN/GP carbs

26/04/20 : New Youtube Video - Taverners Trial and Video Page

I have finally got round to posting on Youtube a VMCC Taverners Trial I spectated/observed at back on 1st April - just before Coronavirus hit the UK.  For the Norton folks it includes some footage of my mate Manuel on his nicely original and well setup Norton 500T.  l have added a new 'Video' webpage which can be seen on the list on the left, or the link below, which I will add to in the future: 

RacingNorton Youtube Video Link Page

23/04/20 : Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update and Re-Stocks

Hi everyone, hope you and your families still well - and getting to work on some of your home motorcycle projects, if nothing else!

Just to let you know we are still operating from home, and although some items are in limited supply - as we have some suppliers closed, we also have had the opportunity to re-stock on many other parts and I am still manufacturing most days.  I will be issuing a Newsletter shortly . . but only so many hours in a day and I am pretty slow at that stuff . . . as the regular customers know!

However, as an interim update - just before COVID lockdown I was able to source some RHP twin row bevel bearings (Item 0005) - which are now virtually unobtainable, as we had gone out of stock again in late 2019 (and actually, having spent a long time searching - thought this could be it this time - and RHP have confirmed they will not make more) .  So - I am sorry the price is so high, but read the update in the listing for why that is - and at least we have this essential bearing in stock again

And also wanted to let customers know - we have just completed a new batch of 0248/0248B crankcase One Way valves and breather unions - which have been out of stock for some time, Steph will contact those customers we know are waiting for them.  For anyone not sure, one way valves were fitted to most single cylinder crankcases, and are often replaced mistakenly with straight through breathers if they get chewed or clogged.  I am not sure how effective they work on all engines . . . but are the first thing I ask customers to check when they say they have oiling issues!

Find them here :-Item 0248: A2/707 Crankcase Breather OneWay Valve

Thats it for now - Keep Well Everyone, stay in if you can and stay safe!

Paul and Steph


06/04/20 : Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update and Other News

We hope you and your families are keeping well in these difficult times.  We have had some very nice emails and well wishes from you - from all around the world - so want to share those positive vibes and wish all of you and your families continued good health and hope that like us - you are  taking the opportunity to take joy from the little things at home - like those household tasks that you have been putting off, or (as in my case) - the occasional disappearance into the workshop to play with your favourite 2-wheeled girlfriend!


We are still up and running - but as you would expect, Steph is now working from home - she is back living with us and using my home office, we are only visiting our main commercial office to pick stock up . . . I have been pushed out of my home office you see here and now have to use my little downstairs living room for my own work . . . she has even employed a Minder to make sure I don't come in to disturb her - Meet Milo the new RacingNorton employee and Guard Dog . . . look carefully and you can even see he is wearing a tee shirt and big gold chain round his neck . . . to show he has atitude.  You may also notice that the office 'dress code' has gone down a level . . . it seems dressing gowns are now the new 'smart casual' - but I am ok with that, and just glad that we can still keep operating and adapt to the current restrictions.  

The last few weeks for us have been very busy - with lots of new parts being manufactured or re-supplied, and I want also to thank many of my external suppliers - who have been facing their own challenges and temporary close-downs, but have helped us in resupplying many out of stock items - and I am trying to get a Newsletter out to list all of these.

So finally, we would like to just say again - keep well and stay at home if you possibly can - and join us in thanking all of those essential services that are still operating and doing all they can to help those less fortunate than us.

Best wishes

Paul and Steph Norman (and Milo!).  



Update to Payment Terms & Conditions -  April 2020:

Please note that from May 2020 we will be asking customers whose orders are in excess of £200 to pay by electronic bank transfer in preference to Paypal.

Although we understand Paypal is very popular and convenient, their charges are far greater than other payment methods, which currrently we are having to sustain.  If customers do still want to pay by Paypal (on those order of £200 or more), we will accept it - but will add a small overhead charge to account for that additional cost (which we do not take account of in our retail margin).

We will also still accept cheques (although it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a bank branck office that is open to accept them!), and we are also looking at how to accept Visa Debit card, given that we only invoice the customer once the order has been picked - which our Web Shop is currently unable to deal with.

If you have any questions or concerns about payment methods - please email us on


Homepage format change - October 2019:

If you previously visited this page you will know we also listed previous newsletters and a history of recent changes.  This was replicating the information we also held on the New Products and Restocks page.

So going forward - every 3 months (approximately!), we will clear down recent reststocks and previous Newsletters link from this homepage, but the full history of both will be available from this page:

New Products & Restocks


Site Status: We Are Currently Open 

But please read our Terms of Business from 2019:

20/10/19:  We are currently open and operating as normal, but please bear in mind we are only a small business - operated by just myself and my daughter Stephanie - who deals with all the online orders.

Apologies in advance, but we can only take new orders through this online website - as it generates all the order paperwork.

Once you have placed an order online, Stephanie will contact you back by email (normally within 5 days) to confirm the order has been placed and will be dealt with as soon as possible, but bear in mind that at busy periods (or when Stephanie is on holiday is on holiday or ill) this may take longer, and that big orders invariably take some time to prepare.

A final point - although we try hard to keep our Product listings up to date - many items sell very quickly and some items you have ordered may not be available.  Apologies if this is the case, but please bear this in mind when placing orders and Steph will normally check with me to find out when a re-stock is due.

Best wishes, 

Paul Norman, October 2019

If we are closed: the ‘Items’ button on the left of the screen will not be present - to prevent items being ordered.  If this is the case – please read the note below for opening times.  It means we are dealing with a backlog (or family illness etc), of orders and will take your email address and email you so you know when the catalog is back up – to ensure you are prioritised as the next person in the queue.


Please Read our Terms and Conditions before placing any order 

It is very important you do this and fully understand them to avoid any disappointment: 

Terms and Conditions


Online Orders Already In Progress

If you already have an order in progress – it will be being processed as normal.  If you wish to enquire on your order progress use the normal mail order email:

Phone Calls:  Please note, although you may find a phone number one some of our web pages - Please do not phone for order updates or technical information - use the email address above.  This phone number is the phone I have to use for my day job and cannot be answered for any numbers not recognised.  If for whatever reason you do not get an update within 5 days on our sales email for an order/payment, then also include Paul's email - and he will contact you back as soon as he can

Catalog Opening Times

In the rare event we are temporarily not taking new orders, it is likely because of family illness.  If this is the case I will post an update at the top of this homepage and we will disable the Order Items function.  At this time If you wish to place a new order and want further information on when we will next be open, then please email the following address:

Technical Queries:

If you have a technical enquiry or want technical help – please email at the following address:

But please remember – as well as this business, I work in a full time day job and only have very limited time available left for answering your queries.  Therefore, I can only answer these queries as I have time available (and as I work very long hours in the day job, I am unable to take phone calls, sorry).  If I have not replied back in two weeks, do not take offence – just try again! 

Please do not send technical queries to any of the other email addressesthey will be ignored without exception.

Sorry – but we are only open part time, and already at capacity just dealing with customer’s existing orders on the ‘Sales’ email – therefore anything else sent to that email address will be deleted, I hope those of you that have already placed orders will understand the reason for this - we want to ensure we can prioritise what time we have to completing your orders


14/02/22 : Family Illness Update - Catching Up Orders and Emails: 

Hi Everyone, my daughter Steph will be back at work on 14/2, after recent illness - and processing Customer Orders on our normal ' email this week.

17/05/22 : Magneto and Electrical Section Updates:

Among other re-stocks, I am currently making new batch's of a number of small parts from our magneto section, I will be updating the relevent stock counts, and Steph contacting customers waiting, as soon as they are complete. 

I have also been listing some other new electrical items that came in some time ago, but i have not had a chance to list them until now.  As normal, i have tried to take as many photographs as possible and give more background detail than you might find for similar items elsewhere.  Having now done this, I notice our original electrical/magneto section was starting to look quite cluttered . . . so I have now split out our original magneto section, to just include BTH/Lucas magneto parts and HT parts - and created a new Electrical Category for all other electrical parts - you can find it here:

New Norton Electrical Parts Category:        Norton Electrical Parts

14/06/22 : New Youtube Video - 1939 M30 Manx Build Part 4:

Well, I am still working on the latest Newsletter - with a few interesting new parts, and many re-stocks . . . but in the meantime I have managed to upload the next video in the 1939 Manx M30 project build, please find it here - and give it a 'Like' if you can stay awake through it!, thanks:

Youtube - 1939 Manx M30 Build - Part 4: 1939 Manx M30 Build - Part 4