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15/10/17 Family Illness - Possible Delays in Next 2 Months:

I just wanted to let our customers know that  due to a long term family illness, I am being kept away from doing much of the normal manufacturing and re-supply tasks. and some items may be running out of stock and take longer to re-supply than normal.  Sorry for any invconveniance this may cause - but there are only so many hours in the day and I am having to spend much of my time at the moment away from the business dealing with other stuff..

Added to this, unfortunately the office we have rented for the last 4 years is no longer available and we are in the process of moving to smaller temporary accomodation in the next two weeks (now mid October 2017) until we can find a new office.  While this move is going on - please bear in mind we may not be able to deal with new orders quickly - and our priority will be in trying to ensure orders already placed are dealt with fully.. 

From this week we have actually stopped worked in the old office and are now moving out - therefore although we are still taking online order, we may not be in a position to deal with any new orders until fully set up in the temporary premises, which may be up to two weeks - so please bear this in mind.

I hope you will understand and bear with us over the coming months, we will continue to operate as quickly as we can, but apologise iin advance for any delays and ask you be aware of possible delays and slow response to emailes when placing orders

Best wishes 

Paul Norman.  15/10/2017


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Site Status: We Are Currently Open 

But please read our Terms of Business from 2017:

20/1/17:  We have re-opened for the New Year, but may only be open for limited periods of time each month – dependent on the level of orders we receive, as myself and our staff are only able to do this Norton Parts business part time.

Steve who has managed the online catalog and all orders for the last two years left at Xmas.

My daughter Stephanie has kindly stepped in to run the office for the moment, part time – so you should see her reply to most emails.  She is very friendly and efficient – but is not a motorcycle person – so please bear this in mind when emailing on our Sales email, I am hoping she will get to enjoy the business and talking to you all!, thank you.

Please read the notes below, particularly regarding where to send differing email requests - this is really  important, as if not sent to right address they will not get replied to

Best wishes, 

Paul Norman, January 2017


If we are closed: the ‘Items’ button on the left of the screen will not be present - to prevent items being ordered.  If this is the case – please read the note below for opening times.  It means we are dealing with a backlog, of orders and will take your email address and email you so you know when the catalog is back up – to ensure you are prioritised as the next person in the queue.

Here is our latest Newsletter, summarising 2016 and an update on on latest news: Newsletter26


Please Read our Terms and Conditions before placing any order 

It is very important you do this and fully understand them to avoid any disappointment: 

Terms and Conditions


Online Orders Already In Progress

If you already have an order in progress – it will be being processed as normal.  If you wish to enquire on your order progress use the normal mail order email:


Catalog Opening Times

If you wish to place a new order and want further information on when we will next be open, then please email the following address:


Technical Queries:

If you have a technical enquiry or want technical help – please email at the following address:

But please remember – as well as this business, I work in a full time day job and only have very limited time available left for answering your queries.  Therefore, I can only answer these queries as I have time available (and as I work very long hours in the day job, I am unable to take phone calls, sorry).  If I have not replied back in two weeks, do not take offence – just try again! 

Please do not send technical queries to any of the other email addressesthey will be ignored without exception.

Sorry – but we are only open part time, and already at capacity just dealing with customer’s existing orders on the ‘Sales’ email – therefore anything else sent to that email address will be deleted, I hope those of you that have already placed orders will understand the reason for this - we want to ensure we can prioritise what time we have to completing your orders