1.n Rubber Components

1.n Rubber Components

1.n Rubber Components
Footrest, Handlebar Grips etc (some items will also appear in other sections)

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Rubber Shroud For protecting Frame Tubes

Product no.: 0440 RClamp1
These interesting little hard rubber discs are formed in a curved shape so they can be used on smaller frame tubes and handlebars for either protecting paintwork from rubbing or protecting wiring/cables. Although they are solid, on the inside there are two indents so they can be easily drilled for threading through a plastic tie down clip. Sold in packs of 3
£1.50 *

'Norton' Kneepads Fixing Screw - Pair

Product no.: 0478 E6629

These chromed fixing screws are copies of the original, used to secure the Norton kneepads (Item 0394)to the petrol tank. Price is for a pair (i.e. 2) screws.

£5.00 *

Girder Fork - Norton Rubber Bump Stops

Product no.: 0218N Gird/001
£12.00 *
In stock
can be shipped within 20 days

Girder Fork - Velocette Rubber Bump Stops

Product no.: 0218V Gird/004
£12.00 *

New Norton 1930's-40's Kick Starter Lever - Increased Clearance Bend

Product no.: 0298B A2/360B

Rigid style (i.e. non folding) to fit Norton 1930's - 1950's gearboxs (see description) - with added clearance

£45.00 *
In stock

Gearchange Rubber - Late (alternative) Type

Product no.: 0617 A11/407

Good quality gearchange rubber - of type used in the 1950's. 

£2.80 *
In stock

Competition Rubber Saddle Cover - Dunlop Small Version : Replica

Product no.: 0618 3475C

Modern replica rubber saddle cover - similar to the Dunlop competition saddle - small size.  See full lisitng for details 

£35.00 *

Competition Rubber Saddle Kit - Dunlop 1930's Type Saddle

Product no.: 0679 RubSddle1

Excellent reproduction example of the classic 'Dunlop' rubber competition saddle, used on Norton SOHC Racing Internationals and other competition motorcycles of the 1930's.  Supplied in kit form and includes a pair of our own lasercut front mounting brackets.  See full lisitng for details 

£145.00 *
In stock
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46 - 53 of 53 results