1.n Rubber Components

1.n Rubber Components

1.n Rubber Components
Footrest, Handlebar Grips etc (some items will also appear in other sections)

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Lucas HT Lead Cover/Short Cable Shroud

Product no.: 0437 LUC011
Similar to part 0372 except shorter, this shroud is listed by my supplier as a Lucas HT Lead shroud, but also looks very similar to the competition type Lucas/BTH magneto cable shroud, so could be used for either purpose
£2.10 *

Rubber Shroud For protecting Frame Tubes

Product no.: 0440 RClamp1
These interesting little hard rubber discs are formed in a curved shape so they can be used on smaller frame tubes and handlebars for either protecting paintwork from rubbing or protecting wiring/cables. Although they are solid, on the inside there are two indents so they can be easily drilled for threading through a plastic tie down clip. Sold in packs of 3
£1.50 *

'Norton' Kneepads Fixing Screw - Pair

Product no.: 0478 E6629

These chromed fixing screws are copies of the original, used to secure the Norton kneepads (Item 0394)to the petrol tank. Price is for a pair (i.e. 2) screws.

£5.00 *

Girder Fork - Norton Rubber Bump Stops

Product no.: 0218N Gird/001
£12.00 *
In stock
can be shipped within 20 days

Girder Fork - Velocette Rubber Bump Stops

Product no.: 0218V Gird/004
£12.00 *

New Norton 1930's-40's Kick Starter Lever - Increased Clearance Bend

Product no.: 0298B A2/360B

Rigid style (i.e. non folding) to fit Norton 1930's - 1950's gearboxs (see description) - with added clearance

£45.00 *
In stock

Gearchange Rubber - Late (alternative) Type

Product no.: 0617 A11/407

Good quality gearchange rubber - of type used in the 1950's. 

£2.80 *
In stock

Competition Rubber Saddle Cover - Dunlop Small Version : Replica

Product no.: 0618 3475C

Modern replica rubber saddle cover - similar to the Dunlop competition saddle - small size.  See full lisitng for details 

£35.00 *
Recommended Retail Price, plus delivery
46 - 53 of 53 results