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We Are Currently Closed For New Year


31/12/16:  Please note - We are currently closed for a short break following Xmas 2016.  I will be re-opening the Norton SOHC website catalog for new orders very shortly, but with slightly revised terms of business.

In the meantime here is our latest Newsletter, summarising 2016 and an update on our current position: Newsletter26


Online Orders Already In Progress

If you already have an order in progress – it will be being processed as normal.  If you wish to enquire on your order progress use the normal mail order email:


Catalog Opening Times

If you wish to place a new order and want further information on when we will next be open, then please email the following address:


Technical Queries:

If you have a technical enquiry or want technical help – please email at the following address:

But please remember – as well as this business, I work in a full time day job and only have very limited time available left for answering your queries.  Therefore, I can only answer these queries as I have time available (and as I work very long hours in the day job, I am unable to take phone calls, sorry).  If I have not replied back in two weeks, do not take offence – just try again! 


Best Wishes 

Paul Norman and


Note: Please do not send technical queries to any of the other email addressesthey will be ignored without exception