Norton SOHC Online Catalog - Placing Orders

Terms of Business – Please Read Before Entering The Online Catalog

At we are real bike enthusiasts and our primary business objectives are to provide quality products for historic motorcycles and great Customer Service.

However, we are also a very small team – consisting of: Paul Norman (the founder and owner of the business – who does the manufacturing and supply side of the business) and Steve (who concentrates on the mail order side).

We both work in other business’s full time, and therefore is only ran part time, for a few hours each week – and due to the amount of orders we receive and the number of parts we supply, we are always struggling to keep up to date and ensure customer orders are not falling behind.

Therefore, to ensure we can continue to offer these parts and work effectively in the limited hours we have available, we have to operate some terms of business different to other similar part’s business which have full time employees and more staff.

It is important that you read these conditions and fully understand them before entering – we want to serve you as best as we possibly can and ensure you are not disappointed, but if you feel these terms do not suit your needs – or you need parts in an urgent hurry . . .  then we respectively ask that you do not place orders with us, as we may not be able to meet your needs:

  1. We can only accept orders for motorcycle parts placed through this online E- shop

 – Sorry no exceptions and orders placed in any other way (i.e. by e-mail) is not likely to get picked up.  The online order generates all the invoice/postage paperwork and is required to allow Steve (who works in our office) to be able to see and pick the order – our business is geared only to work in this way 

  1. Please do not add items to an existing order by email

– if you have forgotten anything on your original order, just place a new online order and it will be handled separately. 

- Because we only operate part time the original order will often be packed ready to send before emails asking for additional items are received – causing delays and confusion to the customer, therefore – just place a new order which ensures it will not get missed

  1. Please be aware there may be a delay between order being placed and us contacting you/picking the order

- we aim to try and respond to customer’s orders within one week, and pick them ready for posting within two weeks – but sometimes this can be longer (much longer with big orders or if items are out of stock!). 

- Please bear this in mind if you are in a hurry . . . sorry, but we would rather you do not place an order with us, than risk you being disappointed – this is the most important term of our business . . . our working hours are not able to change because of our other non-motorcycle work commitments

  1. We sometimes have Stock Outs which may not be listed on the website

 – Although we sometimes update a Product Listing description if we know an item is going to be out of stock for a long period, due to the number of items we list and the speed that some run out, it is impractical to mark every item as out of stock. 

- Therefore, Steve will always email back to the customer any items currently out of stock, and ask if the customer wants to wait, or proceed with the order ‘as is’

- Note: some of the items we produce can be out of stock for long periods of time – i.e. valves, pistons etc.  This is because we are only a small business with limited funds and some items require a big investment from manufacturers to make it cost effective to proceed.  Therefore these items are taken in strict order of funds being available!

  1. Postage Note 1: Ensure You State The Delivery Address In Your Order

 – Please ensure the address you enter when placing your order is the address you wish the items to be posted to.  Sorry, but we cannot send to alternate addresses emailed to us later (and this has caused many problems in the past – as often these notes are picked up after we have posted)

  1. Postage Note 2: Checking Postage Status Using Tracking

 – We use (United Kingdom) Royal Mail or Royal Mail Parcelforce services for all postage (not couriers). Although not the cheapest, we have found this the most reliable service.  We add a TRACKING NUMBER on any order with a value of £25 or over and include this on the confirmation email

-  If your package does not arrive, please use the TRACKING NUMBER to confirm status of the parcel (it is not unusual to find that the postman has tried to deliver, found no one available and the parcel is waiting in the local postage depot for the customer to collect).

- Tracking a parcel for Royal Mail is easy, just go to: for Royal Mail or for Royal Mail Parcel Force.  The confirmation of posting email we send to all customers will confirm which postage service has been used and have the TRACKIING NUMBER on it

  1. Postage Note 3: Making a Postage Claim

- Unfortunately, If a parcel is lost (a very rare event) – any claim to Royal Mail (or Royal Mail Parcelforce) needs to be made by the customer.  We will help in any way we can, and supply paperwork – but Royal Mail (Parcel Force) ask that it is the customer submitting claim to ensure full value of insurance is paid 

- If you do not want to pay for postage insurance you can opt to go for a lesser (non-tracked) service, but all responsibility and liability for lost parcels (and tracing lost parcels) will lie with the customer.  By default we will quote for tracking on orders of £25 or over, unless the customer states otherwise when placing the order

  1. Taking Payment  

 – We know it is more normal in the modern on-line world to place an order and pay immediately – i.e. Amazon, E-Bay etc.  However, we also understand that as soon as payment is made the customer has an expectation the parcel will arrive no more than two days later!! 

- For all the reasons we have given above, and because we often need to check with customers that they have ordered the correct part for their machine (there were lots of Norton variations over the years!) – we do not take payment at time of the order being placed

- Instead we pick the order first, inform the customer of any shortages or queries we can see, quote postage (at cost only) based on the weight of the parcel(s), and only then when we are ready to send do we ask for payment.  We have operated this way since first opening for business in 2007 and still found it to be the fairest and most customer focused means of taking payment

We are committed to providing the best service we possibly can, and helping likeminded enthusiasts to ourselves to rebuild their pride and joy . . . but we ask that to maintain this service, you read and understand these terms – and by entering this site and placing an online order with us, you have accepted them

Very Best Regards

Paul Norman.  August 2015 and


Placing an Order or Asking for Information Relating to an Order: 

Please Note: We only accept orders online – which can be placed by going to the ‘Items’ section, (on the left navigation bar).  Do not place orders by email, we are unable to process them in this way and they will not get picked up.

But do not worry!, it is very easy to place an order online and we do not ask for payment until your order is ready to send, so just follow the instructions below 

To place an order: 
1. Select the items you would like to order using the Online Shopping Trolley.  All item descriptions include one or multiple photographs, so you can clearly see what you are buying.  As much as possible we also try to give an informative description and useful information to help you select the correct part for your bike and model 
2. When you have selected your items, go to the Checkout and provide your address details. Complete this section, which will confirm your order to me. 
You do not have to pay at this stage 

3. You will receive an e-mail to confirm your order has been received. We will then go through the order and ensure that all items are in stock and confirm the weight for postage 
4. We will email you again when the items are picked and ready, and confirm the final cost of package and postage.  We normally post by Royal Mail, and will base postage cost on Royal Mail quoted cost by weight + packaging 
5. You will then be asked for payment, either Paypal, electronic banking or Personal Cheque. Once we have received payment we will post the items and you will receive another email to confirm the items have been dispatched

Please allow up to 2 – 3 days from the point you place the order for someone to email you back (although often it is quicker).  Sorry, but we are only a small business and therefore the mail order process is only manned part time (by Rob, who is very helpful.  Paul Norman, the site owner now concentrates on the supply and manufacturing side, and answering technical queries when he can).

Please bear in mind that because both Rob and Paul Norman have other full time jobs, we can not always respond as quickly as some would like.  Although we will do all we can to help - if your order is urgent and you know it can be sourced elsewehere, we will not be offended if you decide to go to another supplier!

 If you would like to query the status of an existing order, please email Steve at:

(Note: when querying orders, do not email directly to Paul Norman, he may be working away and unable to answer email)

Prices and Payment: 
All prices quoted are in GBP Sterling (£), but as we are not VAT registered this is the price you pay, there is no additional VAT to add. (However, this price applies for all orders - both UK and non-UK) 
At present we accept Personal Cheques, Electronic bank payment and PayPal and try to deliver within 2 days of payment being received 
We do not yet take payment as part of the online ordering. Instead once you have placed an order, we will confirm postage cost then email you to confirm final cost and ask for payment, by email.

Full payment details are emailed to you at the point we request payment. 


Post and Packing : 
We are happy to post, and try to keep this as close to actual cost as possible, i.e. unlike some companies, we do not use postage as a way of making additional profit! 

Postage cost will be calculated dependent on final weight of the items to be posted and the service chosen (we offer various services) including insured and tracked services for high value orders, using Royal Mail and Royal Mail Parcel Force. 

Once you have confirmed your order using the Online Catalog, you will receive an email confirming the order details. Then when the order is picked and weighed we will then email you again to confirm postage and packing cost, based on the total weight of the packed items. 

Items will normally be posted using Royal Mail 1st Class Post (unless otherwise specified) on lower value orders and we always obtain a receipt of postage (this service includes basic insurance up to £20). 

For larger value orders we always recommend the customer requests a fully insured service, and we are happy to quote for this.  On all orders over £75 we will automatically quote an insured/tracked service (normally Royal Mail Special Delivery or International Signed For), and an uninsured service will only be offered at the customer’s request – understanding that they take responsibility for any loss resulting from this.

Note for none European Union customers:  As required by UK Law, we always have to attach a Customs Slip to packages being delivered to none UK countries, so the country of destination can calculate any import duty that is required to be paid by the customer.  The description on this slip will normally be ‘Vintage M/C Parts’ and the cost value on the slip will be the amount shown on the Online Order Receipt (excluding postage cost)  


Terms and Conditions and Returns Policy : 
Many of the items shown in the catalog are made in small batches by high quality engineering companies, or come from trusted manufacturers and suppliers. While we endeavour to ensure our parts are made to the highest possible standards, as the fitment and use of these parts is governed by many factors outside our control, we can accept no liability for any failure of parts.  This is a condition of our business and by placing an online order with us you are deemed to have accepted these conditions. 
However, we offer a full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied (within 28 days of purchase) on any item.  We also understand that some parts are ordered in advance of a restoration and try to be sympathetic to this.